3 Ways to listen to music while riding on a motorcycle

3 Ways to listening to music while riding on a motorcycle

From purchasing new gears and maintaining your ride, a motorcycle is perhaps one of the most expensive and time intensive hobbies that you might get into. Aside from upgrading your motorcycle to improve overall safety and performance, you must also invest on specific protection equipment and other accessories. These include a protective helmet, fashionable leather jackets, gloves, a biker uniform set, special shoes, and high-quality music equipment.

Driving along the lonely roads while listening to your favorite music is surely a relaxing moment that many riders look forward to. Most of you would be asking, isn’t listening to music while riding a motorbike illegal? Depending on the government having a jurisdiction over the area, some forms of music players may not be allowed or are restricted to some extent. The government of California, for example, allows the use of earphones but only for a single ear. While most US states allow listening to music while driving, it is still recommended for you to check with the local government to avoid hefty fines. If you are a just a new rider, you may also want to familiarize yourself with the roads and motorcycle first (around six months of practice) before using any kind of music playing devices.

Here are the top three ways that you can listen to music while riding a motorcycle.


  1. Motorcycle Earbuds


Unlike other forms of audio accessories, earphones are the easiest to use and to maintain. Simply plug it into your device and you’re good to go. And if they break, buying a new one will not be a big issue. Although generic earphones are already satisfactory in terms of durability and functionality, earbuds that are specifically designed for motorcycle use will surely exceed your expectations. If you are still not sure on which motorcycle earbuds you should buy, then you may check out this review on the best earbuds for motorcycle use. Just remember to consider the fitting on your helmet. Otherwise, choose wireless motorcycle earbuds.


  1. Helmet Speakers


Another option is to buy a helmet which is already equipped with speakers. This versatile device features a high-performance audio system that can mask noises from car horns and blowing winds. There are also slim Bluetooth speakers that can fit snuggly inside helmets. Although they are much easier to set-up than earbuds, they are more expensive to purchase and to maintain. And if you buy a substandard one, problems such as loose fitting and annoying vibrations may arise later on.


  1. Stereo System


A motorcycle stereo system with high-quality amplifiers can help reduce the distortion and improve the sound quality even when you are driving along busy highways. There are also Bluetooth capable stereo systems that allow you to play music using your smartphones. When purchasing a stereo system, consider waterproof components that can withstand rain and humid conditions. They are more expensive to buy, install, and maintain but the end results are totally worth the price. If you have the money and you don’t mind other people hearing your favorite music then installing a motorcycle stereo system is the way to go.

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