5 Top Tips When Brainstorming Domain Names

5 Top Tips When Brainstorming Domain Names

Whether you’re starting an online business or setting up a blog, it’s important to choose a domain name that’s unique, memorable and relevant to what you’re trying to achieve.


Coming up with the right URL for your site can be a surprisingly tricky process often requiring multiple brainstorming sessions, but once you land on something perfect you can register your domain name here and get started. So, with this in mind, here are five top tips to make the process as easy as possible.


1.The snap-judgement approach

As the basis for another brainstorm to see if other ideas crop up.


2. Check your domain name is available

The second method is more of a conversation between you and your partner in which a quick yes/no decision is made based on gut instinct. Remember, your domain name will help distinguish your brand so try to ensure it’s as relevant as possible and contains the appropriate keywords.


3.Think about keywords

While it can be disheartening to discover the name you really like has been taken, it’s better to know quickly than to settle on something and be disappointed down the line. Checking domain name availability during a brainstorming session is advisable as it will help you to shut out ideas and move on to the next. Instantdomainsearch.com and ajaxdomainsearch.com are both useful tools for this process.


4.Ensure your domain name is memorable

Ideally, it’s a good idea to choose a brand name that’s not only catchy, unique and brand-friendly but that also contains keywords you’re trying to target. This is because the domain name is a ranking factor that search engines consider and so having a relevant URL can improve SEO performance.

But what about the Exact Match Domain Update?

It’s true that in recent years Google has made several changes that de-prioritise low-quality sites with exact match domains. This, however, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use keywords at all as they still hold weight, but it means your site will need to be both relevant, content rich and up-to-date. Check out this guide of best practices for EMDs.

One of the best ways to make your domain name memorable is to keep it as short and simple as possible and to avoid using long, complicated words. Another good tip is to use a .com ending as this is what most people default to and you won’t constantly have to remind them about a co.uk or.org ending. What’s more, you should also ensure it’s easy to spell so as to avoid losing traffic.


5.Make sure you domain name isn’t time specific

It’s unadvisable to choose a domain name with any time relevance. For example, mummyblog2016.com will quickly expire and seem irrelevant in 2017, so avoid mentioning days, dates or years – you can always set up a stand-alone blog or a blog within your main site containing up-to-date news information that can roll from year-to-year without looking out of place.  
So there you have it, five tips that should make brainstorming sessions much easier.

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