Abyss Attack – Review

Abyss Attack – Review


Abyss Attack – Review

Never has a game with IAP’s looked so good, Abyss Attack has to be one of the nicest looking games I have played in a while. You play a deep see adventurer being attacked by the sea’s inhabitants, all you have to defend yourself is a sub and a range of weapons.

Screenshot_2014-04-23-09-34-07 Screenshot_2014-04-23-09-34-40

Abyss Attack is a scrolling shooter, played from a top-down view. You get have a range of glowing creatures in your way, some of which can fire at you, while others simply try to swarm around you. Like the best games out, there are even boss levels, which are fun but you never get to the end, its endless and you play till you die. After you die and play again, each run will be different, bosses will always pop up but this does help to offer some variety in the game. You earn gems on your quest which allows you to buy upgrades, weapons and powerups.

As you can see in the above video the visuals are quite simply stunning, with smooth animations and some wicked lighting effects. To break it down, it looks awesome. In-app purchases are always going to pop-up, but they are a necessary evil. Abyss Attack actually seems to handle them ok here. There is just the one currency type, the mentioned gems, which you can earn by playing the game. You can obviously pay to get more, these can then buy bigger and better weapons. But these aren’t needed to enjoy the game.

Grab Abyss Attack below:

Abyss Attack - Review


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