Amateur Surgeon 3 – Review

Amateur Surgeon 3 – Review

Amateur Surgeon 3 – Review

Ever wanted to be a doctor, perform surgery but don’t have the patience to learn, or the energy to move from your sofa? Then you’re in luck as Amateur Surgeon 3 is designed, for the armchair surgeon in all of us. This release differs from the two previous iterations of the series, as it is based on the freemium model. You play as Dr. Ophelia Payne, fresh out of school, you’re tasked with performing operations on a variety of crazy characters in various locations, using standard NHS tools: pizza cutter, chainsaw, lighter, car battery and a vacuum.

Amateur Surgeon 3 - Review

After a classic AdultSwin short you have to work on your first patient, Alan’s dog, Mister Giblets. This allows the game to show you the controls and tasks you will need for future levels, such as how to make incisions, how to staple them shut, how to solder them together. This introduction follows through the first couple of patients, which means you can grow accustomed to the various game mechanics.
The game is definitely aimed at a more mature audience, even though the graphics aren’t hardcore gory. Amateur Surgeon 3 is based on the 3 star rule, if you do well you get more stars. You use tools, to gain points, which add to your final score. If you’re quick and precise, you gain multipliers, this is easy to tell as the game informs you on each cut, or wound you heal. Using some tools too fast will result in your patient being injured and losing life, while by going too slowly you may lose him. You can tell the patient’s condition with a quick glance at the HUD, you can see heartrate and you are alerted if your close to losing them.

Amateur Surgeon 3 - Review
At the beginning of every operation, you’re given a field report on the patient, which includes some more AdultSwim comedy. Then after saving the patient, you’re shown a surgery report. This includes the patient’s name, condition, the time remaining and your score out of three stars. Also at the bottom you get your total score for the operation. As you go through the game, you are encouraged to buy more tag team partners, each one providing various abilities. This isn’t subtle either, as you almost feel like you’re forced to buy them all, because each one has a long recharge period before they can be used again.There’s also a pretty basic upgrade system that lets you improve the tools you can use, as well as the effectiveness of your tag partners. To upgrade these, you spend the Surgeon Points you earn after each patient. In addition to the regular three-stars, there are two bonus stars you can earn in the form of challenges. These challenges include performing the operation in under sixty seconds, or you won’t be allowed to make any mistakes at all.

Amateur Surgeon 3 - Review
The bonus levels offer an extra layer of gameplay, they can begin to get a bit annoying, as you have to re-do the entire operation again, nothings different except you have to be quicker. Since the game is free to download, you have to assume there’d be some sort of IAP. And there is, this comes in the form of Surgeon Points. For packages ranging anything up to £50, you can buy points which you can use on upgrades. You also get the occasional ad.

Amateur Surgeon 3 - Review

Amateur Surgeon 3 is a very fun game, its slightly hurt by its obtrusive and necessary freemium system. You’ll want to finish it, even just for the funny dialog, but after that its not the kind of game to go back through.

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