Android platform is a MUST for any gaming developer

Android platform is a MUST for any gaming developer featured

Games have remained a key driver of technology. This is especially true whether we are talking of hardware, software, input methods, graphic support you name it. Fortunately, the Android platform has offered game developers conducive environment where they can build their games on. It is because of this reason that gaming apps tend to perform better than rival apps in other categories. This could only mean that these apps will continue to spawn upgrades of mobile devices, at least for the foreseeable future.


Why many game developers must embrace Android, whether they like it or not


While Android is the most popular mobile OS, it has not achieved its full potential yet. It is still growing, and this means opportunities are yet to be discovered on the platform. Currently, this OS is the most widely used and established as well. Furthermore, mobile devices that are powered by this OS are beginning to outshine gaming consoles at all levels. And the good news is that this platform still continues to give all types of games a fair opportunity to become a break-out success story.

And since Android has the numbers, it means that developers could easily target the masses based on their age groups, gender, or even taste. This makes it the number one contender for gaming companies like Microgaming who are always concerned with releasing new slot games every month. These games would then be played at 7sultans Online Casino and other sites where slot machines are the business of the day.

Android has paved way to all developers who want to compete fairly


Some time ago, games were only created by big brands. These entities had talents and brand recognition. In addition to this, they also had the financial muscles to build services and technologies which could be leveraged several times to design high performance games. If you were a small developer trying to create games for the desktop or mobile platform, it would have been virtually impossible for you to compete since the barrier was just too high.

Thankfully, Android platform has proved to be a very democratic and diverse mobile development marketplace. One reason why this is happening is because Android has a huge user base where unlimited possibilities could be explored. You could develop games on any niche and still fair on very well, provided you are developing for Android.

Again, mobile game developers tend to have more development tools within their disposal, and this has since seen many players getting into the market to trying coming up with their innovative games.

When speaking in terms of the tools and services available to game developers, we could say that Android is very mature in this department. Thankfully, Google and companies like Intel have relevant tools and APIs which are used to bootstrap projects aimed at this platform so that they can achieve success.



Today, you can go mobile with 7Sultans to play casino games anytime, anywhere because of the freedom that Android has given to game developers. That is something worth feeling good about. While iOS is a big contender, Android OS is way ahead in terms of user base and flexibility given to developers.

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