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Wraps Headphones Review

  Company – Wraps Headphones are owned by Midbass Distribution LTD. Midbass aren’t a name that first comes to mind but if you have ever gone into any Halfords and seen that bright orange Edge subwoofer they normally have on display that’s Midbass, they own a few different brands mostly car audio systems which always look great. Midbass focus on audio equipment looking as goo...[Read More]



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Review: Syllable A6

  Company – Shenzhen Kaijuyuan Technology Co. was founded in 2007 with the goal of making high quality audio accessories. The A6 comes under the brand Syllable which they launch all of their headphones under.   Product – These may be the worst headphones I have ever used.  While they fit well enough you only get one size of rubber buds. I would normally expect 2 or 3 to make sure ...[Read More]



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Review: ZAGG Pocket Keyboard

  ZAGG Pocket Keyboard Review Company – ZAGG the company that’s been slapping helicopter parts into our devices since 2005. They created arguably one of the best screen protectors you can get; the InvisibleShield. If you didn’t know, InvisibleShield is made from the same stuff they protect helicopter blades with. Screens are getting stronger and there will come a day when we...[Read More]



Review: SlickWraps – Purple Glitz

  SlickWraps – Purple Glitz Company – SlickWraps are an all American company founded in 2010. Jonathan Endicott must have had a massive issue with how the iPhone 4 looked as he went out employed 18 people and got himself a 10,000SqFt warehouse. In their first year they had shipped over 100K wraps to like minded iPhone users. Fast forward to 2015 and they now make wraps for almost ...[Read More]



EasyAcc Powerbank 10,000mAh Review

EasyAcc Powerbank 10,000mAh Review   Company – EasyAcc are a Hong Kong based manufacturer and distributor of gadgets and accessories. They are focused on the end user, making sure they have a product they are happy with and users want to talk about. Product – Power banks are becoming more commonplace now that we control most of our lives from our phones. With so many options out t...[Read More]


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Review: X-Wing Squadron Builder

  X-Wing Squadron Builder Review X-Wing is a miniatures game made by Fantasy flight Games. A tactical turn by turn dog fighting tabletop game with highly detailed ships that we know and love from star wars. You play against an opponent never knowing where they will move or what attacks they have planned. A big part of winning is to make sure you have the best squad possible. Planning can be h...[Read More]



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Review: Sony Z4 Tablet LTE

Z4 Overview I have been using the Z4 Tablet LTE for over a month now and am truly in love with this thing, and so is everyone else who I’ve let play with it.  Due to the cost of the Tablet (£579 for the LTE version £499 for WiFi only), I have been trying to use it as replacement for both my work laptop and Shield Tablet. So far it’s working great; I use my laptop mostly for programing ...[Read More]



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SlimPort Adapter – Review

SlimPort MyDP Adapter Converter – Micro USB to HDMI   SlimPort and MHL support have been in our phones and tablets for a while now but I would bet most users don’t know they have it or what it even is. In simple terms they are two competing standards for mirroring your device to a different screen via the micro USB port. MHL is the main one on the market with backing from Sony, HTC and ...[Read More]

Right Angle OTG Host Adapter – Review

5in Right Angle Micro USB to USB OTG Host Adapter M/F – Review One of my most loved things about being an android user is the ability to use USB OTG cables. I have plugged keyboards, mice, Xbox controllers, USB drives and even RS232 serial cables into my tablets and phones. Whether it be for business or pleasure everyone should have a USB OTG cable to hand. I have owned a fair few and some o...[Read More]

USB 2.0 Fast Charging Adapter – Review

  USB 2.0 Fast Charging Adapter A to A – M/F- Review We live in a world where most people have heard of the term “wall huggers”… those people trying to suck power from an outlet to make it to the next coffee shop or business meeting. Manufactures have taken notice of this and started putting fast charging and wireless charging into new flagship devices. 3rd party manufacturers hav...[Read More]

Micro SD OTG Adapter – Review

    I am a massive fan of dual USB drives and own two made by Sandisk. I find that they are the best way to transfer large files onto Android devices; MTP and Windows tend not to be the best of friends. They are also great now that SD cards seem to be less and less featured in phones and networks just don’t give us the data allowance to stream our favour movies and albums over and ...[Read More]

Memory Card Reader Micro USB OTG – Review

Multimedia Memory Card Reader Micro USB OTG – Review I work with environmental monitoring devices ranging from sound level meters, vibration loggers and weather data. These bits of equipment can be left out for weeks. Some have on board storage, some have SD cards and others have micro SD cards. So when I saw that StarTech did a USB OTG card reader that reads USB, SD cards and Micro SD cards...[Read More]

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