What now for the Sony Smartwatch 3?

The Sony Smart watch 3 has been a pretty resilient device. Launching over two years ago the square faced device is still well thought of from its army of owners. Now known to be missing out on an official update to Android Wear 2.0 is there any life left in the old warhorse? Like all things Android, when the OEM stops supplying updates the community comes to the fore and tries to breath new life i...[Read More]



60 Second App Review – Contextual App Folders

In the early days of the Android home screen, widgets were applauded and seen as wonderful things. As time has passed the fashion for multiple home screens dressed out with every kind of widget has waned to the point on a lot of handsets you will be lucky to see a clock widget on its own. So to produce an app that is only a widget might seems a little odd but that’s what C.A.F. (contextual a...[Read More]




‘You are an astronaut awaking from cryonics not in the solar system, but… out there… in a far and unknown place of the galaxy. In Out There, you will have to survive, tinkering your ship with what you can gather drifting in the void, and spot garden planets to refill your oxygen supply.’ The hard and challenging space adventure ‘Out There : Omega Edition’ is cur...[Read More]



Lumsing Glory P2 Plus Battery Bar Review

It’s been a while since I reviewed a battery bar and even then it was a slim personal unit I looked at. This time I have a more standard type device from Lumsing. DESIGN Removing the Lumsing from the box it’s clear to see that it wont win any awards for design. It’s not that it’s particularly ugly or awkward to use, but it looks the same as a what seems like a million other...[Read More]



First Look – Thing Launcher

There was a time not so long ago when custom launchers ruled the roost. Google’s own offering was pretty basic and unimaginative, and the stock versions pre-installed by many OEM’s were at times shocking. Now with Google making their Now/Nexus/Pixel launcher with it’s Google services integration available to all, and OEM’s generally toning down their own modifications the h...[Read More]

Quartz – The news the way you don’t want it

Quartz run a curated world news service that sits somewhere between your standard red top side and buzzfeed. Now, not content with feeding your desktop via a browser they have made the jump to a mobile app that’s like no other. Released earlier this year for IOS and now just out for Android the app takes a new approach to giving you the news you don’t want or need. The Quartz news app,...[Read More]

CSI Android – CamFinger

Ask anyone who gorges on crime dramas and you will know the guys and gals in the labs are wizards at identifying a unique detail that can point to a specific item or person. From fingerprints to ballistics to identifying what typewriter (one for the oldies) produced a page, unique signatures are everywhere. With that said it should come as no surprise that your smartphone also has it’s own unique ...[Read More]

60 Second App Review – GLOW Watchface

For watchface developers it is becoming increasingly hard to come up with a USP to help set their work apart from the crowd. Glow goes down the cusomisation route rather than trying to add additional features. The premise is pretty simple, match your watchface to your outfit. No changing the design of the watch, just the colours. The design is also a simple affair. A simple digital style with a sm...[Read More]



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WINNERGEAR Micflip fully reversable USB cable

A USB cable purchase is a purchase born out of frustration. You have generally either forgot, lost or destroyed your previous cable and urgently need to charge something when the descision is made. Under these circumstances the options you have tend to be limited but if you are the sort who plans ahead or likes to have cables available at home and work or anywhere else you might spend time the Win...[Read More]



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60 Second App Review – Aha! Physics

Price – Free Ads – Yes IAP – Yes (99p to remove ads) Rating – 7/10 Science is awesome. And even better than that it’s mainstream cool as well now. So if you wan’t to be cool and awesome then do science. Aha! Physics is a physics equation app to help with learning and studying. Rather than teach the app is a reference to use during your learning and study for exa...[Read More]



60 Second App Review – iA Writer for Android

Price – Free Ads – No IAP – Yes Rating 7/10 It can be incredibly handy having full blown wordprocessors on your mobile phone, and even more so if you have a tablet. But when you want to bang a few words out on a keyboard sometimes what you really need is a blank page without all the distractions. iA Writer for Android gives you just that, a wordprocessor with only basic functions...[Read More]



60 Second App Review – Platform Maker

Price – Free Ads – Yes IAP – No Rating – 8 Meet Angelo. That’s not his real name, he doesn’t have one & I think that’s sad, so I have christened him Angelo! Angelo is the running, jumping star of Platform Maker, a Super Mario Maker type Android app. Platform Maker is exactly what it says it is, a platform level making, playing and sharing app. The grap...[Read More]

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