Luke Thomas

Owner of a rooted One and Nexus 7. Mostly write reviews of apps and any hardware I can get my hands on. I frequent Google+ and XDA-Developers.

DashNotifier Beta – Review

DashNotifier Beta – Review Dash Clock was for 4.3, what bacon is for men around the world. Since its release there have been a number of extensions for various apps, but not all the apps in your library. DashNotifier is here to fix this, this app works along side Dash Clock and allows you to set up custom notifications for any app on your phone. DashNotifier is incredibly easy to use, once y...[Read More]

Breach & Clear – Review

Breach & Clear – Review That’s right folks Rainbow Six for Android is now out, but its called Breach & Clear and legally has nothing to do with Rainbow Six whatsoever. There is literally so much to go over with this game, that  I apologise in advance for missing anything. Breach & Clear gives you control over a tactical team, from the type of guys of guys they are, to the j...[Read More]

Sony SBH50 Headset – Review

Sony SBH50 Headset – Review I’m not the kind of person to go for those over the ear bluetooth devices. That reason was what first got me interested in this device. It has the in-ear headphones and a very good clip, meaning I can attach it to my bag strap and nobody around me would know i’m actually listening to my phone. The SBH50 looks great, its got the solid black box look dow...[Read More]

Timely – Review

Timely – Review You’ve seen it in your feeds, and on your readers. Timely has taken the android world by storm, I was originally hesitant about this app, how could an alarm app be so popular? But read on and you’ll see that this app has the potential to be one of the best apps around. Its smooth, smart and easy to use. Plus you can even set alarms, so thats a major bonus! The loo...[Read More]

Movie Roll – Review

Movie Roll – Review I, like many people, am a great fan on the IMDB app for Android. It has all the information I could need, but that was until I heard about a new app poking about called Movie Roll. The issue with IMDB is that, there are no links to other sources of information, sometimes I want to see the IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes score. Movie Roll takes all the information from the intern...[Read More]

Pocket Rally – Review

Pocket Rally – Review “Not another racing game!”, I hear you shout in the distance. Its true that racing games are quickly becoming a dime a dozen, on searching though there is a distinct lack of rally racing games. You guys can have a quick search to double check, I can wait. When a style of game becomes this big, it begins to branch off into different categories. Rally racing g...[Read More]

Unblock 2 Escape – Review

Unblock 2 Escape – Review Unblock 2 Escape is a simple game with one objective, get the light coloured thing out of the maze by moving the darker coloured things. Out of all the pickup and play games I have used, this one wins the prize for easiest to play. The first level takes you through the objective and the basics behind achieving this. You select a part of the maze, and then you are gi...[Read More]

NicePlayer BETA – Review

NicePlayer BETA – Review There is no end to the choices of music player you can get. Most newer apps are using the much desired holo interface, for its clean layout. But since Google Now, there has been some slow growth in the Card-UI areas. Apps that take on the card look similar to Google Now, are popping up on the play store. Personally I really like it, I like the crisp white card layout...[Read More]

Nun Attack: Run & Gun – Review

Nun Attack: Run & Gun – Review Nun Attack leaves very little to the imagination, its a game about nuns with guns. Its a pickup and play style game, with easy to learn controls and some great looking graphics. I have read that this is a sequel, and the original game managed to download millions of downloads, so i’m sure this will get the same. This is a runner style game, where you ...[Read More]

1941 Frozen Front – Review

1941 Frozen Front – Review I can hear you all in the distance, “Not another bloody WWII game!” But at least this one is offering something slightly different. 1941 Frozen Front is a turn-based strategy game that puts you against either the germans or the russians. The required tutorial missions are very tedious, and slow. Though once you get through them, the game does get a bit ...[Read More]

Perfect Launcher – Review

Perfect Launcher – Review With a name like Perfect Launcher you have set yourself a challenge, create the “perfect” launcher or otherwise face the wrath of the trolls! After using it a  couple of days I can tell you its a perfectly good launcher, but it is in no way perfect and won’t be replacing your launcher any time soon. The first thing you will notice is the similariti...[Read More]

Cruzerlite Molded XDA Case for HTC One – Review

Cruzerlite Molded XDA Case for HTC One – Review This has been a review in waiting for a very long time. I won a competition to win this case, but as its from America it did take around a month for it to eventually arrive. The fact it got lost the first time, meant that in total I had to wait just about two months for this case to arrive. But when I got it out of the pack, I can confirm it wa...[Read More]

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