Luke Thomas

Owner of a rooted One and Nexus 7. Mostly write reviews of apps and any hardware I can get my hands on. I frequent Google+ and XDA-Developers.

Avoid – Sensory Overload – Review

Avoid – Sensory Overload- Review Do you remember screensavers? Well I do, in the late 90’s they were normally either scrolling text or a blend of bright colours and glowing lines. Avoid: Sensory Overdrive does its best impression of this, and gives you a small ship to help you navigate it. I will say now, avoid the starter levels, these are slow, repetitive and act as more of a numbing...[Read More]

Dumb Ways to Die – Review

Dumb Ways to Die – Review When you examine life closely, you’ll notice that it is still a struggle for survival. Ok, we don’t have dinosaurs chasing us, or vikings at our door. But we have a new set of problems, im sure our ancestors wouldn’t know how to deal with trains, cars, or dares set by dumb friends. Dumb Ways to Die is a collection of mini-games that tries to each u...[Read More]

SmartWallit Pro – Review

SmartWallit Pro – Review Wallet, keys and phone. This chant can be heard all over the world, while people go to work, the shops or steel mill. This is normally done with a sort of ancient dance that involves patting each pocket on your clothing. This will now become a thing of the past with SmartWallit Pro! This device which fits in your wallet is still 20 days from the Kickstarter end date,...[Read More]

NanoGrip – Review

NanoGrip – Review Always losing your phone, keys or change on the dashboard of your car? Want a place to keep your device, but it keeps slipping off? Then look no further than this excellent product, NanoGrip! The guys who sell this, very kindly sent it over to me, along with an example of their competitors, and their product is far superior. You can stick this on the back of screens, on you...[Read More]

Bad Hotel – Review

Bad Hotel – Review If you have ever wanted to be Basil Faulty then now is your chance with, Bad Hotel. In it, you have to build your hotel level by level, and protect it for the hordes of attackers. This is primarily a castle defense game at heart, and offers similar gameplay to others in the same genre. Aim of the game is to build high and fast, protecting it at all costs. Developer Lucky F...[Read More]

Fractal Combat X – Review

Fractal Combat X – Review How I have longed for a great fighter jet game, similar to XWing vs Tie Fighter. I thought I had found it with Fractal Combat, with its good graphics and ok gameplay. Spotting enemies in the distance, and trying to match their speed and get missile lock. But alas, Fractal Combat is just a repetitive game, good in small doses, and nothing under the surface. As with s...[Read More]

TimePIN – Review

TimePIN – Review Any good bank heist film will always have a timer code involved, this is always the drop in the film and this is something they cant normally break. Now you can have this kind of security on your phone with TimePIN, where the code for your phone changes every minute. TimePIN was created by developer Justin Case, Justin is well known around XDA for his rooting tools. The prem...[Read More]

Everdock – Review

Everdock – Review Stop your search, we at Droidhorizon have now found the only dock you will ever need. The EverDock was created by FŪZdesigns, led by David Gengler and Cameron Gibbs. I spotted this on Kickstarter and was interested by the slogan “the only dock you’ll ever need”, the EverDock works with most devices including smartphones and tablets of different shapes and sizes, inclu...[Read More]

Detective Grimoire – Review

Detective Grimoire – Review There’s been a murder! The only suspect is a mythical creature called Boggy. You play as Detective Grimoire, and it’s your job to explore Boggy’s Bog, investigate the murder, using point and click controls similar to Monkey Island, you have to look for clues, talk to suspects and play puzzles in order to catch the murderer. This game is the perfect mix of li...[Read More]

5by – Review

5by – Review Its been some time since StumbleUpon’s acquisition of 5by, and now we finally have a chance to road test the new Android app. 5by’s aim is to provide you the user with custom-tailored videos that can reflect your moods, ambiance and situation. This concept may sound familiar as this is what StumbleUpon already does, in other words, 5by is the video equivalent of Stum...[Read More]

Flappy Bird – Review

Flappy Bird – Review There are games that push the boundaries of your device, there are games like GTA that used to be on a console which you can even play on your phone. So can anyone explain how a game that is simpler then Pong is currently trending and topping the charts for Android and Iphone? Flappy Bird is an 8 bit platformer, which has everyone including me under its spell. With the s...[Read More]

Stack Exchange – Review

Stack Exchange – Review If you have never heard of Stack Exchange, I will wait for you to Google it……ITs good isn’t it!? Each site is a community of like minded people, built to encourage people to ask questions and answer them. Reputation and badges are earned by giving helpful answers and comments. There are over 120 different communities (and growing), such as programmin...[Read More]

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