[Accessory] Poetic Slimline Case | Nexus 7

          Those of you looking for a slim and sexy case may want to check this one out.  Poetic recently updated it’s Slimline series cases for the Google Nexus 7 slate and it’s evident that they’ve been listening to the consumer because this product is absolutely wonderful.  I think you’ll agree.  I grabbed mine off Amazon for $15.    For starters,...[Read More]

Belkin Merge Sleeve for 7 inch Tablets

Another quick and simple recommendation, the Belkin Merge Sleeve for 7″ Tablets If, like me you’re not into keeping your tablet in one of those Swiss Army style cases that can turn into stands or keyboards with a few simple twists, but prefer a simple bumper case, and yet would like some extra protection from scratches and the like when you bung your tablet into a rucksack, then you ca...[Read More]

Allsop Universal Folding Tablet Stand

  Found this in a local shop a while back for €20, figured it was worth a share. Allsop Universal Folding Tablet Stand   Could only find one link with a price, but it’s for bulk purchases Computer Supplies Ireland It’s light, folds down pretty flat for travel, can be adjusted to pretty much any angle you desire, is extremely stable and fits both 7″ AND 10″ tablets...[Read More]

Bluedio TF800 Bluetooth Stereo Headphone

  Bluetooth headsets are pretty common these days, there’s something extremely convenient about not having to deal with wires or worry about wear and tear on 3.5mm ports. Sound quality takes a hit but for many the trade-off is worth it. Do a search for BT Headphones and you’ll find plenty of budget one’s to choose from. Enter Bluedio , with their Bluedio TF800 Bluetooth Ster...[Read More]

Black External Battery Case (HTC One X) Review

Black External Battery Case (HTC One X) Review One disadvantage of the new phones coming out is the lack of removable battery, which allowed people to upgrade to larger battery’s and get a bit more power. This external battery case from is a great way round this restriction. You can charge it, slide in your phone and away you go: Materials I love the material this cas...[Read More]

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