Review: bKey the compact battery for your phone

Review: bKey the compact battery for your phone Its the age old problem, phones are getting bigger and more powerful, batteries are staying the same. This is great though for external battery manufacturers. But with external batteries and cases comes the added problem of bulk or wires, neither of which are convenient or exactly pleasant to use. This niche zone is where bKey tries to come in. bKey ...[Read More]

Review: All-Dock Charging Stand

Review: All-Dock Charging Stand If you have a lot of device, you probably have them sticking out of every spare plug in the house. I love the idea of having a central hub where all devices can go and charge together in harmony. The All-Dock provides a great solution, allowing you to charge multiple devices at the same time. The All-Dock is essentially a hollow box that conceals your USB charging c...[Read More]

Review: GRDE Bluetooth Headset

Review: HV 900 Bluetooth Headset WOW! Any time in the past that I have thought about buying a set of bluetooth headphones I have always found them a bit on the  “I don’t want to spend that much on them” side.  You won’t have that problem with the HV 900’s at $24.99 and free shipping, these are a jolly bargain! Plus, we will give you a discount code at the end of the r...[Read More]

Review: iClever IC-CC06 3-Port Car Charger

Charging your gadgets on the road can make a big difference when you’re travelling and is pretty much essential if you use your phone for navigation. Choosing among the multitude of car chargers on the market can be difficult as there’s a wide variation in the quality and performance, but this 3-port charger from iClever is definitely worthy of your consideration. Build Quality & D...[Read More]

Review: The Power Cube 9000L from MiPow

Review: The Power Cube 9000L from MiPow MiPow’s Power Cube 9000L look pretty swish and features a built-in Lightning connector and USB port to charge those important devices on the go. But at $80, I struggled to see the reason for the higher than normal price. I can’t complain about the design, the 9000L is a very cool looking device, with smooth edges, and all in a small package. The ...[Read More]

Review: Easy Acc 4 port charger

Review: Easy Acc 4 port charger This little device has been rather handy! Let’s face it we have an ever growing number things that need charged, I counted 6 devices of my own! With it’s 4 ports it has certainly made life easier in the Wilson household. Two of the ports they call ‘super ports’ these detect the device that you have connected and gives it the fastest charge it...[Read More]

Review: PowerBee Executive and Elite Solar Phone Chargers

UK company PowerBee specialise in providing a range of solar products including lights, fountains and phone chargers. Today we take a look at two of their power banks which can not only be charged by plugging them in but also just by leaving them sitting in the sun. Both devices have a glossy black plastic shell, with the Executive finished off with a chrome (also plastic) surround. At the top of ...[Read More]

Review: XTZ HeadPhone Divine

  Review: XTZ HeadPhone Divine I will be honest and say that before this review, I hadn’t heard of the Swedish audio manufacturer XTZ.  But checking through their website, I can see that they develop some amazing audio products, and should be on any audiophiles map. I was then excited to see that they have declared a “(r)evolution of the headphone” with the launch of their new Di...[Read More]

Review: Plinth

Plinth Tablet Stand   In the past I have had a few tablet stands in the forms of; cases, simple cut out bits of plastic and even Popobe Teddy Bear stands. I had never heard of Plinth before but I was sent a review unit having completely missed its initial kickstarter campaign. John Bull spent two years designing his Plinth tablet stand before taking it to the online crowd fund sourcing websit...[Read More]

Review: Lindy IEM-50X

Review: Lindy IEM-50X   The in-ear headphone market is swamped just now. There’s likely thousands of different products available for people to buy. Prices start from as little as under 10 bucks going straight up to a couple of hundred. Our own Accessories section  has loads of various options already, but, I think we have something here that’s a little bit different with the Lind...[Read More]

Review: Solememo SE90 Bluetooth Speaker

It’s can be difficult for manufacturers to make their products stand out and this is especially the case with the cut-throat Bluetooth speaker market. The shade of orange that Solememo have used with their SE90 certainly helps but does it deliver much else to make it stand out? Build Quality & Design The cardboard box packaging is a mile away from the stylish presentation of some premium produ...[Read More]

Review: iLumi Smartbulbs

Review: iLumi Smartbulbs Smart items are a fantastic way to save energy, keep a close eye on things and to generally look cool in the process. I have always looked into Smartbulbs and was excited to receive two from iLumi. As with most of these kind of products, the hardware is only as good as the software, iLumi have come far, but I feel there is still room to grow. The bulbs are solid, but the s...[Read More]

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