March Of The Droids 2015

 March Of The Droids 2015   We’re counting down to the biggest and best Android enthusiasts meet-up in the UK but there’s still time for people to buy tickets for the event. Maybe some of our readers have been undecided if they’d like to come along. We’ve backed the event 100% this year and worked a little behind the scenes to possibly make 2015 the best yet.   Wh...[Read More]

honor 6+ big.LITTLE event in London

honor’s big.LITTLE event in London honor invited some of the smaller media outlets who couldn’t make it to their MWC event in Barcelona to a small sit down event where they could have a look at honor’s new devices. So who are honor? Well it seems they are a small division of Huawei. Built for “Digital Natives” as they call them, people born into tech who spend a third of their day looking at...[Read More]

Kickstarter: FlyShark Smartwatch – Everything at the Touch of Your Wrist

Kickstarter: FlyShark Smartwatch – Everything at the Touch of Your Wrist What is FlyShark: The FlyShark Smartwatch is your mobile phone, heart rate monitor, exercise tracker, sleep quality monitor and so much more, all at the mercy of your wrist. Sadly, the current class of smartwatches still requires your “smart” phone for basic functions like texting or making and receiving cal...[Read More]

Mobile Choice Awards 2014 – Editorial

  Mobile Choice have announced the winners of the Mobile Choice Awards 2014. Every year they hold an open online vote on what and who you feel have been the best performers in a variety of categories. Personally I find the results of these awards to be a very useful indicator of popular opinion as they show how all levels of users feel about the mobile industry as opposed to the few opinionat...[Read More]

Sony Press Party – Editorial

Sony Press Party – Editorial     On Thursday 25th September the Sony Xperia team held a press launch for the new Z3 line at the Aqua Nueva in Regent Street, London, a stone’s throw from Oxford Circus Station. The venue was an excellent choice to reflect the premium nature of the Z3 range: as you entered you were greated by a choice of 5 different cocktails, although because the gla...[Read More]

Where are they now?

Where are they now? This is a writeup on how some parts of Android were massive in the beginning and now over time have been forgotten about. Some have been bought, while some have just been forgotten. This isn’t a long list and hopefully it can be amended to include more and more additions. Timely – Was a fantastic clock/alarm app. It looked great and was a popular choice for review s...[Read More]

KooGoo Icon Pack & Mini Interview

 KooGoo Icon Pack & Mini Interview Taking a break from our usual application, game and accessory reviews, we thought it would be fun to share an icon pack from djskarpia AKA Andrea Corvi. This particular set is called KooGoo, such an unusual name but read on to find out where that came from. Features include.. 1500+ HD Icons 88  Cloud wallpapers – for tablets i suggest you to download th...[Read More]

Why I Want to Enjoy the Samsung Gear Fit!

After some debate on whether I would actually wear the Gear Fit or not I decided to pick it up yesterday and try it out. My initial thoughts were to see if I could leave it in the box overnight, not touch it, then wake up in the morning and still want the device. I woke up this morning to my three-year old mushing a toy car into my side. Naturally, and surprisingly, my second thought was wanting t...[Read More]

New DroidHorizon apparel available.

 New DroidHorizon apparel available  After a successful launch on TeeSpring we’re glad to announce that we have made available, once more, our logo printed on a variety of apparel. This time you can choose a few alternatives like Hoodies, Long Sleeve, V- Neck and two choices of T-Shirt. The way this works is like a crowd funding project. We set the number of T-shirts to 11, only when 11 are ...[Read More]

Limited Edition DroidHorizon Tees

  We hit the button on our limited edition DroidHorizon tees. The way this works is like a crowd funding project. We set the number of T-shirts to 20, only when 20 are ordered will they ship. We tried to keep the cost as low as possible but not the cheapest quality of material. We sure would like a re-share and would love for a few of our regular followers to grab a T-shirt and show their support....[Read More]

Apps World San Francisco 2014 (Sponsored Article)

Four big Android viewpoints to look forward to at Apps World North America With Apps World North America just over two weeks away on February 5-6, there’s plenty of content to look forward to for anyone in the apps ecosystem, from developers, to OEMs and industry professionals alike. For every 10 smartphones shipped globally, eight will be running Android – it’s no surprise therefore the Droid Wor...[Read More]

Android Etch, putting Android on everything.

  After a pretty successful Indiegogo campaign with nearly $3000 raised. The team at Android Etch got enough funds to launch their unique product. Basically… Putting Android on everything. When I first stumbled upon this, I must admit, I was very excited. I saw a guy offering something different with 2 of my most favourite things mixed together. Android and drinking beer. If he could so...[Read More]

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