Apps World San Francisco 2014 (Sponsored Article)

Four big Android viewpoints to look forward to at Apps World North America With Apps World North America just over two weeks away on February 5-6, there’s plenty of content to look forward to for anyone in the apps ecosystem, from developers, to OEMs and industry professionals alike. For every 10 smartphones shipped globally, eight will be running Android – it’s no surprise therefore the Droid Wor...[Read More]

Android Etch, putting Android on everything.

  After a pretty successful Indiegogo campaign with nearly $3000 raised. The team at Android Etch got enough funds to launch their unique product. Basically… Putting Android on everything. When I first stumbled upon this, I must admit, I was very excited. I saw a guy offering something different with 2 of my most favourite things mixed together. Android and drinking beer. If he could so...[Read More]

Life-Spot – Kickstarter

Life-Spot – Kickstarter Lets face it, mobile devices are here to stay, my dad would say otherwise (he still rocks a pager). So this means we are in constant need to charge them. There’s nothing worse then when an iPhone or iPad owner comes round my living space and they need to charge their device. As an Android user, i’m not going to be able to help. The same goes for a working ...[Read More]

Battle For Your Living Room: Chromecast vs Android Mini-PC

Back in July, Google announced the Chromecast – a $35 HDMI dongle that connects to your TV and plays media from the cloud over WiFi.  However there is another inexpensive category of dongle – the Android Mini PC – that promises not only to play your media, but run your Android apps and games just like your phone or tablet. Being UK based, neither option was readily available to m...[Read More]

App Permissions & Fake Apps

  A friend of the site contacted me yesterday regarding some fake games and applications he found on Google Play. After looking for myself, I found them to be blatant copies of original titles with some very very strange App Permissions. I’m going to share the proper game then the fake. I’ll not provide any links for our readers to download, just in-case.       The ...[Read More]

Android 4.3 First Impressions

Now that the latest update has been available for a few days, I thought I’d share what I found new or updated in this version. Possibly not a complete list but what I’ve came across since installing the factory images once released.  I did a fresh install and full wipe to unsure a trouble free experience and so far things have been running great. My devices right now are Nexus 4 and Ne...[Read More]

Google Play, commenting and feedback – Editorial

Google Play, commenting and feedback I’ll be honest, I’m not sure why but I very rarely leave reviews on Google Play. I honestly don’t know why but from today, I will be more keen to. I’m sure most Google Plus users have seen which apps/games/icon packs, I’ve plused. I usually just do this after I download whatever it is I’m looking for but if it turns out not t...[Read More]

The apps we can’t live without… – Series (Dave)

  The apps we can’t live without Ok, most of the team have posted their apps, so I guess it’s my turn. These apps are essential to me, but may vary drastically to what those of you reading this have installed or consider essential, that’s just one of the great things about Android…choice, and customizing your device to your needs. So, in no particular order…   &nb...[Read More]

The apps we can’t live without… – Series (Roy)

  The apps we can’t live without   It seems the Droid Horizon team have a similar mentality when it comes to Android apps, where most apps getting removed after a while apart from a few core apps.  So these are my indispensable apps that always make it on my phone… AdFree [root] – sorry developers, personally I can’t be doing with ads.  I never click on them, and if I d...[Read More]

The apps we can’t live without… – Series (Luke)

The apps we can’t live without… – Series (Luke) As someone who flashes a new ROM on my phone about ten times a month, I end up culling a lot of apps I procured over time and just try and install the bare minimum. I do tend to install a lot of root apps, but I have managed to only include one in my list. This list contains the apps that are always on my phone, they are the first ones installed on e...[Read More]

The apps we can’t live without… – Series, (Ste)

  The apps we can’t live without   We thought it would be cool to share which applications we can’t live without when we get a new device. Or setting up after wiping or factory resetting. (Such are the joys of crackflashing.) This will be a short series in which all the team members tell us what and why they just can’t live without them. It might be fun to correspond between ...[Read More]

Google Play Game Services. Some thoughts.

I hadn’t really meant to write an editorial but felt the need to share my thoughts on the new service Google rolled out recently. I’m checking every title now to see if it has real-time multiplayer, leaderboards, achievements and cloud saves.  As I check, I see more and more adding the new features, which is awesome. We haven’t really seen many killer real-time multiplayer games ...[Read More]

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