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Fugoo Tough Bluetooth Speaker Review

Today I’ll be reviewing Fugu, the Japanese dish made from potentially lethal pufferfish. Wait, no – I need to focus. Fugoo, yes this isn’t a killer fish, it’s a killer Bluetooth speaker. Read on or check out this unboxing/quick review video to find out why… Build Quality & Design Designed in California, the Fugoo consists of a fully functional core inside a choice...[Read More]

Olloclip 4-in-1 Photo Lens for Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5 Review

Most people enjoy digital photography in some shape or form these days, from the professional photographer who carries a DSLR with lenses costing more than my car, to the abundance of smartphone photographers relying on Instagram filters to make their selfies more palatable. Somewhere in the middle is the amateur photographer who’s interested in capturing some cool artsy shots with relatively inex...[Read More]