IFA;2012 Berlin Electronics and Innovation Show

I’ve been having a look around the internetz to actually see which Android devices will be making an appearance at the IFA;2012 Show. It was this event last year that Samsung introduced the Note. Love it or hate it, the  phablet is huge in size and popularity. What we can expect this year?    Galaxy Note 2 5.5″ Screen, 1280X720 Resolution, Quad-Core 1.4GHz Samsung Exynos 4412 proc...[Read More]

Across All Devices. Phone, Tablet & PC

    We tried to design DroidHorizon to be used across all devices. Be it your phone, tablet or PC. I think we have achieved that.  On your… Phone you get the basic post categories. No ads, fast, clean and easy to read. We have ran tests and everything loads well and pretty fast, if we do say so ourselves.  Tablet view is identical to the PC experience where everything scales well a...[Read More]

Samsung Galaxy S3 Cases x2

Thanks to our very good friends at Yoshie & Nico we have another great giveaway!! Why not take a look around over there for some funky accessories at very reasonable prices. Not just covers and cases for Android phones, they stock for tablets, iPads leads, and cables the lot.  Awesome!! Must also add they are very nice people when we have been sending emails back and forth. UK ONLY GIVEAWAY. U...[Read More]

CyanogenMod 10 Boot Animation

Looks 100 times better than CM9 in my opinion also you can grab it here

Motorola Unlocking Site Now Live…

UNLOCKING YOUR DEVICE Your MOTOROLA device has a fully optimized, certified and tested version of Android. Unlocking the bootloader will allow you to make modifications to your phone that could damage it irreparably. If you are not aware of these risks, we recommend you DO NOT unlock your device. HOW DOES IT WORK? Prior to unlocking, you will need to: Check whether your device can be unlocked Inst...[Read More]

ARHD 9.1 for the One X

            As soon as most people root a device they jump right in and go with a Cyanogen or a AOKP ROM for their phone. This can be for many reasons; to get rid of the system apps they dont want, to gain more features or to have a crisp version of Android. I was one of those people, but when I got my HTC One X I went in a different direction. Mike1986 is a recognise...[Read More]

Will your HTC handset be updated to Android 4.1?

HTC Source  have ran an article today regarding which HTC device, they think, will receive updates to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Pretty much spot on if you ask us.A few handsets they listed won’t be updated to ICS never mind Jelly Bean. (They can be forgotten about straight away, Wildfires, Desires and Droids.) The popular One series is certain with 2011 big hitters the Sensation variants, plus...[Read More]

New Tab Added… Downloads

  Downloads   Added a new tab to the site that some people may be interested in. Includes things like… Walkman.apk (Which was my default music player until i found n7) XBMC .apk Google Ears VLC Beta Google Music (The most recent, I think) TV Catch Up Amazon MP3 I’m nearly certain none of these applications are paid for, that’s not the way we roll here. If any issues fee...[Read More]

Cruzerlite Artist Series, Tha Phlash

Awesome and highly respected icon maker, street artist turned T’shirt designer Tha Phlash has joined forces with Cruzerlite for what I guess are limited edition apparel. Throw into the mix AOKP’s love of Unicorns and swagger, these truly are fantastic for Android enthusiasts. (If it’s your kinda thing, which it kinda is for me) Priced at $35 plus free shipping inside the US. Unde...[Read More]

Introducing Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1

Pretty darn impressive. It has the looks, true multitasking and you can be guaranteed exceptional build quality. Price?

DroidHorizon’s Growing.

As the title says.. We’re growing and expanding into other ways for potential readers to find us and interact. The new social bar on the left will make it easier for readers to share our news and reviews to their friends or followers. Please spread the word, everybody is welcome here.

Nexus 7 – Google Now video

Really like these videos and a few have been shared straight from Nexus on YouTube. Very cool.

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