New Poll – Moto X in the UK and parts of Europe.

Picture courtesy of Motorola Mobility Google Plus Page. France. Germany. The United Kingdom. They’ll all be home to the #MotoX – starting in February!    The biggest news of the day was the announcement by Motorola that they will now start shipping the Moto X to the UK, Germany and France. Having been available since late August in the United States, Motorola are now launching the high...[Read More]

Your favourite phone of 2013 – Poll

    Your favourite phone of 2013 – Poll     With Christmas just around the corner and another new year looming. We thought it would be fun to see what our readers would call their “favourite phone of 2013.” The DroidHorizon team have owned, reviewed, liked, loved and enjoyed using nearly all the devices listed in our poll. You can have a look back at our Galax...[Read More]

New Poll – How do you feel about Google’s Nexus OTA update process?

Nexus5   You’ve bashed the check for updates, you’ve wiped your Google Services Framework app. You’ve watched multiple people share screen shots of their updated devices and you’re still waiting for yours. These things happen to the best of us. You know if you really really wanted to update quickly the stock images are available for you to do so and all the ADB sideloa...[Read More]

New Poll – Would you be more likely to pay for an In App Purchase or a pro version of a game?

With the recent big titles launched on Google Play like Dead Trigger 2 and Plants vs Zombies 2 being free to play (but in our opinion) very reliant on In App Purcheses, it got me thinking what’s the limit people will spend? How much is too much? Where do we as customers say no? I seem to remember reviewing a game a while ago where the top tier for an IAP was something like £80! Have people a...[Read More]

New Poll – BBM released… Are you going to use it?

It is, it isn’t, it wasn’t and now it most definitely is. We have provided a link below for you to download but….. The question remains…. [poll id=”27″]

New Poll – Would you buy a phone with a flexible display?

Samsung announced the Galaxy Round to their market in Korea.. Flexible displays have been the talk for a good few months and it’s expected most of the other manufactures will be releasing devices just like the Round. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that LG will be the OEM out the door next with a bendy phone. It’s very early for this technology but based on what you see above an...[Read More]

New Poll – A fingerprint scanner something you’d like to see on Android?

After much controversy and fanfare (such is the way) one of the newest features the company from Cupertino launched was a fingerprint scanner to unlock your device. “A gimmick” the internetz say. “What if it gets hacked?” “What if they give my fingerprints to the NSA?” We don’t go down that road because we’re a review site and share what we think is ...[Read More]

New Poll.. Nexus 5 leak, staged to build hype or accidentally left in a bar?

Hard to have missed this story when it broke. So many re-shares of the same news from all across the internet. Allegedly what you see above is the soon to be announced Nexus 5 or Nexus 4 2013… Found by some dudes at a bar who couldn’t unlock the device but were quick to grab photos and a video of it. Who leaves a phone behind the bar to charge that I’m sure has some confidentiali...[Read More]

New Poll – KitKat named as the next Android release codename.

 Picture from The Verge Not sure if we’re being trolled at an unprecedented level, or the next version of Android will be named KitKat. (Some fun information about KitKats… If you bite both ends of a finger,  you can suck coffee through it, then eat it afterwards, yum!) The internetz are going crazy these last few hours since Sundar Pichai shared a picture of the garden at Google where...[Read More]

New Poll… Ever bricked a device? Really bricked, it wont turn on and you’ve tried everything possible?

 Picture via http://goo.gl/kg3YRt Just for fun this week’s poll. I’ve bricked a device and I’m sure most have too. Man, I’m gutted because it was the Nexus S and I loved it with a combination of Vodoo sound and Skanky Cyanogen Mod… I flashed an update with very little battery left and it wouldn’t turn on after. It got extremely hot to handle but I couldn’t...[Read More]

New Poll – Always on mic a feature you’ll use often?

Revolutionary, a game changer, gimmick, something that would be used now and again. Mixed responses from around the internetz and plenty of jokes about the NSA listening when your mic is always on. Myself, I really don’t know where I stand because the MotoX isn’t in the UK yet and I’m not sure I’d buy one anyway. There are also horror stories (that may not be true) that eve...[Read More]

New Poll – How much data do you use?

Everyone can see the shift in data consumption has really jumped in the last few years, well maybe everyone except your network providers who seem to be stuck in 2009 or something. I’d nearly be certain in commenting that users who have 5000 minutes and 5000 text packages don’t use nearly half of that allowance and the thing they want more is data. Most people now use IM services like ...[Read More]

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