New Poll – KitKat named as the next Android release codename.

 Picture from The Verge Not sure if we’re being trolled at an unprecedented level, or the next version of Android will be named KitKat. (Some fun information about KitKats… If you bite both ends of a finger,  you can suck coffee through it, then eat it afterwards, yum!) The internetz are going crazy these last few hours since Sundar Pichai shared a picture of the garden at Google where...[Read More]

New Poll… Ever bricked a device? Really bricked, it wont turn on and you’ve tried everything possible?

 Picture via http://goo.gl/kg3YRt Just for fun this week’s poll. I’ve bricked a device and I’m sure most have too. Man, I’m gutted because it was the Nexus S and I loved it with a combination of Vodoo sound and Skanky Cyanogen Mod… I flashed an update with very little battery left and it wouldn’t turn on after. It got extremely hot to handle but I couldn’t...[Read More]

New Poll – Always on mic a feature you’ll use often?

Revolutionary, a game changer, gimmick, something that would be used now and again. Mixed responses from around the internetz and plenty of jokes about the NSA listening when your mic is always on. Myself, I really don’t know where I stand because the MotoX isn’t in the UK yet and I’m not sure I’d buy one anyway. There are also horror stories (that may not be true) that eve...[Read More]

New Poll – How much data do you use?

Everyone can see the shift in data consumption has really jumped in the last few years, well maybe everyone except your network providers who seem to be stuck in 2009 or something. I’d nearly be certain in commenting that users who have 5000 minutes and 5000 text packages don’t use nearly half of that allowance and the thing they want more is data. Most people now use IM services like ...[Read More]

New Poll.. Which Customisations Would You Choose?

All these MotoX rumours got us wondering “Which Customisations Would You Choose?” The most rumoured device this year is supposed to be announced on the 11th July, but who the hell knows? The talk is, you’ll be able to customise the device before you even receive it. You’ll be able to choose which colour you’d like, some kind of engraving on the back? Wallpapers?? Why?...[Read More]

New Poll! – Which version of Android are you running?

We aren’t mentioning fragmentation here because it seems the older versions are fading away nicely and ICS has taken over as the most installed version, right now. Sony have just started rolling out 4.2.2 for their big hitter, the Xperia Z, Samsung released the Galaxy S4 with 4.2.2 already installed. Bravo on that! HTC! What’s going on? The One needs some 4.2.2 love. Google have slowed...[Read More]

New Poll… How often do you change/update your phone?

We all love to have the latest and greatest new phones on the market and we love to compare specs, price and how smexy they are but for some people having the newest isn’t always possible. Some are still running out their contract or simply aren’t in a position right now to buy the current flagship devices like others can. The joy of Android is there are phones available at every price...[Read More]

New Poll- Which handset would you most like to receive a ‘Google Edition’

If you’ve been under a rock since before Google I/O 2013 and missed the news, well, Samsung are releasing a ‘Google Edition’ device. This Galaxy S4 runs Android 4.2.2 just as the regular one does, only this one has absolutely no Touchwiz on it whatsoever. This one runs pure, un-tampered, Google fresh Android.  Roy from the team wrote a great peace here about his thoughts. I’...[Read More]

Google I/0 2013. What are you most looking forward to? (Poll)

 Google I/0 2013 Google I/O is just under a week away and the rumour mill is at warp speed. Everyone’s guessing, some sites are posting silly stuff, some sites are making educated guesses and some sites are taking .apks apart and finding some good clues. A full schedule can be found on the link above for various events and sessions, times, sandboxes, etc etc. Just today the official Google a...[Read More]

New Poll, File Manager Of Choice?

There are so many file managers available for Android right now it’s hard to choose which is the one, which has the features you need, which looks the best, which is best value for money, which has the most support and updates from the developer, which gives full root privileges…… Grrrrr!!!! If you are undecided maybe our readers can help by choosing their favourite from the poll...[Read More]

New Poll….Which manufacturer made your first Android phone?

We know about most of the new Android phones that will be released this year (except the MotoX, if it’s even going to be called that) but Which manufacturer made your first Android phone? You can choose below or on our front page. [poll id=”13″]  

New Poll… Which do you prefer?

With Google IO just around the corner, most people expect a big push on their TV  hardware and software, which, if we are all honest, still lags behind most of the other great Google products. Sad but it’s true. I know a few have TV boxes and we follow a very cool page on Google Plus that likes to share all things TV related but it still isn’t vastly popular yet.  When you throw into t...[Read More]

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