New Poll Added….. Next Nexus manufacturer.

    If you have been under a rock and have missed these rumours. Seems Google are going to release maybe 5 Nexus devices by the end of the year. Under strict guidelines concerning hardware and skinning options, this can only be a good thing for end users that are now offered a choice of which device you want your stock Android experience. The likely suspects are.. Samsung (Galaxy Nexus 2...[Read More]

New Poll Added…..What makes you choose a new device?

What makes you choose a new device? Preferred Brand..       The manufacturer you have always bought because you never had any issues before. You trust them to deliver you a product that works well and is reliable. Everything is where it should be and you have come to expect a safe and pleasant experience.   Looks..     Like the picture above. The Optimus G has the looks, with a matte black fi...[Read More]

New Poll….. Preferred Tablet Orientation?

The vastly popular Nexus7 running stock Jelly Bean, Android 4.1 and the very well reviewed Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, 7″ running ICS  including Audiophiles favourite Wolfson DAC both fantastic ‘Media tablets’ and both 7 inch. This weeks Poll is Preferred Tablet Orientation? You can find the Poll on the Home Page, as always, on the left-hand-side. We’d like to see which way you p...[Read More]

New Poll….Tablet apps specific market section?

On my tablet device I want to see exactly which applications are suitable for use when I search for them. Be it a complete section set aside like Apps Tablet Apps Movies Books Music Magazines I assume those last two options are there for our American cousins, not in the UK tho. Or when i find an app the Play Store will say “Hey, good lookin. This application was designed for tablets, please ...[Read More]

New Poll…. In The Cloud Storage

Very common thing with these last big devices that’s  released are the non-expandable options with lack of micro SDcard support. I have 2 new devices like this, the  HTC OneX and Nexus7 both with no extra storage options. This is absolutely fine with me tho, as I honestly don’t save alot of music, because I use Google Music. Videos, one or two. Games, a few, not that many. But…&#...[Read More]

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