Virtuous Widgets

Its always a good thing to see, when a XDA group branch out into mainstream releases. I have always been one to avoid custom lock screen apps, as they are affected by the phones performance and can lag or not work. The app is very simple to set up, you simply select the lock screen from the long Sense list and then hit Settings. The app offers the instructions on the first screen so there is no co...[Read More]

Zeemote JS1 Controller Review

Zeemote kindly sent DroidHorizon some of their JS1 Bluetooth gaming controllers for review.  I tested two of them with my Nexus 7 tablet and Samsung Galaxy S2 phone to see the difference these controllers make to the Android gaming experience. These miniature controllers are very light and fit comfortably in the hand, with a kind of rubberized texture which means they won’t slip out of your ...[Read More]

Critter Escape!

This game was bought to my attention by fellow DroidHorizon contributor Dave McDaniel. It originally came out as an Amazon exclusive, but is now officially available at the Play Store. You control a small “Despicable Me” minion type character who’s kidnapped by an evil corporation for testing purposes. The game is to guide him out of the labs, using stealth tactics and powerups.  ...[Read More]

Major Mayhem – Cover-Based Shooting In A 2D World

I’ve always known Adult Swim as the maker of Robot Unicorn and some great television, but I didn’t even realise they have branched off into Android gaming. The latest entry is Major Mayhem, a 2D gallery shooter (with 3D graphics) whose game play is a mix of Time Crisis and Metal Slug. The game has Major Mayhem roaming through side-scrolling environments, with the player controlling his...[Read More]

Feedly – Snappy News Reader With Gestures & Offline Reading

I was always a fan of Flipboard, but as I get over a thousand articles a day on my Google Reader, it was a chore to navigate and mark as read etc.   As I was looking I found Feedly, which had coincidently just been updated. I had never used Feedly before but I’m told the update totally revamped the UI and added many new features. Besides the much more intuitive UI, the app now supports real-...[Read More]

Skydrive finally available for Android

Microsoft’s Skydrive cloud storage solution has been available on other platforms for quite a while, but up until now they have left poor Android users out in the cold.  However they have finally released their Android app allowing you to access your Skydrive documents and upload new ones. Microsoft gives a healthy 7GB of free storage by default (with some old accounts like my own boasting 2...[Read More]

Asus Google Nexus 7 S-Curve TPU Gel Skin Case.

  Our good friends over at Yoshie & Nico have a wide selection of covers, cases and cables for all types of devices. This S-Curve Gel Case….. Slip your device into this “S” curved gel case and instantly experience the sensual touch with a sophisticated look. This case raises the bar with a designer pattern that screams chic! With our new slim-fitting low profile design, ...[Read More]

AOKP Case From Cruzerlite.

Cruzrerlite proudly presents the Team Kang/AOKP case for your device!  Stand out from the rest and show off your favourite ROM team with these one of a kind cases. Cruzrerlite gel cases are made from shock absorbent and scratch resistant thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), this slim-fitting case provides great protection from day to day use and accidental bumps and spills. The sleek, light-weight de...[Read More]

HTC OneX Vehicle Charging Dock

I had the pleasure of reviewing this dock for a few days and I must say it’s impressive. The plastic is very stiff and tight the phone doesn’t move an inch inside with a hardshell case fitted. The ball and socket joint behind is great for finding the exact angle you want then simply tighten the plastic bolt and it won’t move. The sticky pad has to be set 24 hours before you fit t...[Read More]

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