Circles & Brain – Review

Circles & Brain – Review

C B Main Circles & Brain – Review


A simple and familiar game where you have to match the circles shown in order. Yes there are loads of games already like this, but, Circles & Brain offers real time multiplayer 1v1. Pretty sure that’s a unique feature compared to the rest. An uncomplicated game to play, in all honesty but the 1v1 really offers this title a bit more. Myself and the lovely wife had a few games when I was testing things out. Straight away the want to beat her and for her to beat me soon came to the fore. Players have the same combination of circles to match and whoever gets it first wins the points. Being put under pressure here, you’ll start making mistakes and rushing.  No way can I let my wife win. (She usually does with these types of games.)


The game runs very well and certainly feels responsive to your touches. The menus are very simple too with very little options to change settings. I’d like an option to maybe change the theme, possibly a black background with a different set of coloured balls.  No rematch option either, after every 1v1 you have to quit back to the main menu then back into multiplayer. I’m sure it would be pretty straight forward to add these options in future updates.

Screenshot#1 Screenshot#2


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In conclusion, Circles & Brain offers a good multiplayer experience which is something we all want on our phones and tablets. It’s free (with ad pop-ups when launching) Circles plays very well and potential users might enjoy having a go if they have a spare half an hour. This title isn’t going to win awards for innovations but what it does offer, it does it very well. I should mention the menu music can be a bit repetitive and the “funny sounds” get rather annoying pretty quickly but you can mute from the main menu.


Download Circles & Brain below;

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