Commuter II Series: Duffle Yoga Bag And Adjustable Tote Bag

Commuter II Series: Duffle Yoga Bag And Adjustable Tote Bag

Commuter II Series: Duffle Yoga Bag And Adjustable Tote Bag are proud to introduce our Commuter II Series to the Kickstarter community.

Their Commuter Duffle Pack is an innovative all-in-one solution for your everyday needs. Whether you’re commuting to work, school, or the gym, the Commuter Duffle Pack can adapt to any situation.


Need a simple and adjustable bag for weekend errands? They’re proud to have designed The Commuter Tote Bag to help ease your day. The Commuter Tote Bag is an adjustable and modular carry that gives you so many ways to handle your weekend.


So How Much Can You Fit?

Simple answer: A Whole Damn Lot.

With multiple compartments, the Commuter Duffle Pack can expand from 40L to 62L. Just to give you an idea of how big that is, 62L of space can fit a bit over 16 gallons of water. That’s a whole lot of water.

Not only can it expand to fit a 3-5 night trip, it can also be compressed down to 40L, a perfect size to handle your daily routine.

Besides The Size, What Kind Of Features Does The Commuter Duffle Pack Have?

With all the things going on in your day, some organization might help. You can easily access your laptop with our double-wall padded laptop compartment.

You can fit up to an 17″ Laptop and rest assured it’ll be taken care of with our waterproof Aqua-Guard zippers and premium padded foam.

If you get bored of carrying it around like a traditional duffle bag, our tuckable backpack straps make it easy to switch from duffle to backpack.

Stand Out From The Crowd When You Want

We worked with local artists to help design fun embroidery patches to help stylize your carry. Our signature attachable embroidery patches were created with you in mind.

We understand that you’re an individual and you seek to express yourself. Instead of sewing patches on permanently and risk destroying your bag, we decided to create detachable velcro-backed embroidery patches so YOU get to decide when you want to stand out or keep it sleek.

Always Have Options. Everyone Loves Options.

We figured the more options you have, the better suited for your day our Commuter Duffle Pack can be.

Don’t want to carry the entire bag to the yoga studio? Simply remove the Modular Shoulder Strap and turn it into the perfectly adjustable yoga mat strap.

We made adjusting hassle-free. With our simple cam-buckle design, the modular shoulder/yoga strap can be lengthened or shortened with a simple open/close action.

It’s super easy to use. Just use the tension hook buckles, loop it around your mat and pull taut to adjust. Pretty intuitive.

After spending months trying out different types of bags out in the market, we found out that some bags had features we liked, but that always came at a cost. We made sure that we could design a duffle that would incorporate the best of various bags we tried out.

As you can see, by designing a dry-bag with an interior draw-string into the duffle, we were able to blend several elements of what makes each bag worth carrying… all into one.

Perhaps you prefer another way to carry. No problem. That’s why we created our Commuter Tote Bag.

With easily adjustable handles, you can turn a weekend market bag into an over the shoulder carry. Depending on what you’re carrying, the Commuter Tote Bag will adjust accordingly.

With our Commuter Duffle Pack AND Commuter Tote Bag, you’ll always have the option of attaching your personal embroidery patches when you want.

We didn’t stop there. Your day can change in an instant and we took that into consideration when designing this series.

That’s why the Commuter Tote Bag has an interior velcro lining that is completely modular to our Unroll Tool Roll.

Keep all your essentials together in the bag or you can simply remove the Unroll and use it completely on it’s own.

As much focus as we had on functionality and aesthetics, we couldn’t ignore the quality of the components and materials.

The Commuter II Series was designed to protect your gear inside and out. Sourcing the best materials we could to handle an urban and outdoor environment, we took weather, use, and style into consideration.

We took half a year for each product to evolve into what we have here on this project.

We believe the most important part of the creative process is the purpose of each design. We don’t start out with the type of bag we want to design. Each product starts with an inspiration and serves a purpose.

When we got the chance to finally approve the manufacturer renderings, we went ahead and began our sampling. From early on, we made sure that we execute from the very beginning. Especially on sketches/renderings because every detail matters when turning that into a sample.

Fortunately, our attention to detail worked in our favor as the first sample that came our way met nearly all of our points excluding some changes.

For our second and final sample, we increased the dimensions of the bag after realizing that the initial sample couldn’t fit all the things we needed in our day. We also added on the interior draw-string as we noticed the first sample was one whole compartment (besides the shoe compartment) and we needed more organization/protection.

We’ve always had plans to design some sort of tote bag, but we needed to make sure it wasn’t like any other tote bag out there. It needed more functionality so we put a lot of thought into how we can better our tote bag designs to improve your day.

That’s when the idea of an adjustable handle and modular interior organization came in. With these features, you’re essentially combining two different bags into one and we thought you’d enjoy that.

There’s no more need to carry a separate backpack and duffle bag for the different parts of your day.

Fit your change of clothes, gym equipment, notebooks and computer all-in-one with the following compartments:

  • Main 3-way zipper compartment
  • Dry-Bag Roll Top
  • Draw-String Compartment
  • Side-Access Laptop Compartment
  • Separate Shoe Compartment
  • External Coin Pocket
  • Perfect for your everyday commute.

Our Commuter Tote Bag is a perfect fit for vinyl shopping or running errands on your weekend.

With an open access main compartment and adjustable handles, the Commuter Tote Bag can be used for light or heavy carry.

Let your wild side out and get out into the wilderness. Our Commuter Duffle Pack is built to handle the elements of mother nature.

By having the option to expand from 40L to 62L, you can plan for a quick weekend getaway or pack for 3-5 night exploration.

Unsettle&Company was born in San Francisco and raised in San Diego. Our mission is to represent individuals who believe in living with balance in mind and settling for more.

By merging the line between form/function and tradition/progression, we set out to create products that are not only well-designed, but also functional to help carry you throughout your day.

We started with the Kickstarter community and want to make sure we continue to support the community and remember our roots.

We just wanted to take this time to thank you for your support! The Kickstarter community has helped bring a passion project to life. Without this community, we wouldn’t be able to create. It’s with your support that we wake up every day ready to take on the world.

Owner of a rooted One and Nexus 7. Mostly write reviews of apps and any hardware I can get my hands on. I frequent Google+ and XDA-Developers.

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