Dead Trigger 2 – Review

Dead Trigger 2 – Review


Dead Trigger 2 – Review

Sometime ago Madfinger released, what would become a very well known game, Dead Trigger. The graphics were immense, the controls were easy to pick-up and the gore factor was just right. The issue in the end was that it just became too repetitive, and it become clear that just throwing hoards of zombies at people was not going to be enough. This was why I was exited to play their recent release Dead Trigger 2, and I was pleasantly surprised, as this game bought in one major change, depth.

Dead Trigger 2 brings more depth to game-play by doing two things, making it more harder (even for me) and throws in a lot more content. This though comes at a price, that’s right guys IAP!

People who have played the original Dead Trigger, will be happy to hear that none of the controls have changed that much. There’s no new controls or mechanics, just walk and shoot. That being said, why change what isn’t broken. The controls worked for the previous game and they work for the new Dead Trigger 2.

Now lets talk about what has changed, Madfinger has completely overhauled the weapons system, allowing you to buy and upgrade weapons. You also get your own bat-cave/hideout, where people you rescue will hideout and work on your weapons etc for you. Items or weapons are unlocked with gold (IAP), or by picking up blueprints from these massive super zombies. Once you have collected every part of the blueprint you can then get your guy to research it and make it. In the beginning this all takes around 5 – 15 mins, but after a while they jump to anywhere up to 6 hours. This can of course be sped up with gold or IAP. This all starts to take its toll on you rgold supply, as if you need to research a new weapon, your guy will need to be upgraded (at a cost) and in some cases you need to upgrade the upgrade in order to do some tasks. Better be prepared to get the credit card out.


The comical side of this is that Madfinger are so obvious in their money grabbing goal. They use every trick in the book and are more akin to Farmville in some cases. Some of these elements do make the game harder, and causes you to play some levels again and again in order to gain that upgrade. But more likely all it does is annoy, when you have a timer ticking down and knowing it has no benefit to the game whatsoever its just their way of reminding you they want your money. I do understand a company’s need to make money, but it seems more and more that £5 games are a thing of the past and you end up paying 10 times that in order to progress through the game.

Dead Trigger used to throw the occasional “Super” zombie at you, these would always be a challenge but after a while they’d be down and you’d have a feeling of pride. Dead Trigger 2 has super zombies, but these are split up into different classes. Rampagers charge at you at full speed. Kamikazes have an explosive barrel strapped to them, which have obvious results when they hunt you down. Radioactive scientists that constantly reduce your health when they get near. Vomitrons chuck blood bags at you. Panzers are like walking tanks (just got the name!), and will still be up after you empty out every gun on them. If you want to kill these guys, then you only need to spend a bit of dosh on some explosives. These are non-renewable items, once they are used, you have to go back and buy more.

An average mission a little way into the game yields around 800-1100 of in-game currency. You are likely to see at least two super zombies in each level, and they can only really be killed easily with grenades. Grenades cost $200 for two of them, and two normally kill one zombie. You can see where im going with this, you end up spending 50% of your winnings in order to get to the next level, where you have to do the whole thing again. As you play you start to see that grenades slowly become useless and more money is needed to get stronger weapons. I apologise for the rant, but the above just doesn’t sound fun, and that’s because its not. I want to kill zombies, not have to calculate how much money I need to make in order to progress the game.

Tegra 4 devices get enhanced water and smoke textures, but I have heard that even on something like the Nvida Shield, sometimes the game becomes choppy when too much action is going on. Though this should be fixed in future releases.

Dead Trigger 2 is ruined by the introduction of IAP, this is of course just my opinion and I know some people can push through that and play on. This game has some great points, and I would be happy to pay a premium one-off price in order to remove the IAP features of the game.

Download the game below:

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