HTML5 and the Best Apps to Download to Learn about it

HTML5 and the Best Apps to Download to Learn about it

HTML5 is the fifth version of HTML, which stands for Hypertext Markup Language. It’s a standardised system for presenting things like fonts, colours, hyperlinks, and graphics on web pages, and the latest format has been heralded as revolutionary for how we interact with things on the internet.

Published in 2014 by the World Wide Web Consortium, the upgrade has been designed to improve the language of the web and support the latest multimedia across different devices. In the past, viewing web pages from a mobile browser had been somewhat inconvenient but HTML5 has made the transition of sites between mobile and desktop seamless. It also means that there may be no more need for separate apps, as everything can be done more quickly through the browser. Here, we discuss the benefits of HTML5 and how you can learn about it.

What is HTML5?

In simple terms, HTML5 is the code that is used to create webpages. The latest version is a combination of three things; HTML for the structure, Cascade Style Sheets for presentation, and JavaScript, which is used for interactive effects.
HTML5 has been compared to Adobe Flash, as both involve systems for playing audio and videos within web pages. But, while Adobe Flash is a plugin that users have to install, HTML5 is built into the web pages already so that users can instantly watch and listen to video and audio files. In 2010, Steve Jobs said that “Flash is no longer necessary to watch video or consume any other kind of web content.” The late Apple founder predicted that a platform like HTML5 would prevail, and it looks as though he was right. It seems that HTML5 has negated the need for things like Flash, and also perhaps the need to have individual apps for different things. Adobe discontinued the development of Flash for mobile devices in 2011 and pledged its dedication to working on projects using the new format. The company also announced that the distribution of Flash would end by 2021.

How Has HTML5 Revolutionised Apps and Mobile Games?

Many people now believe that HTML5 will bring about an end to the mobile app. When smartphones like the iPhone first came into existence, there was a massive boom in the number of apps people could download. Online companies provided apps for their services, while game developers like Rovio made hugely popular app games. But, with HTML5, there is no need for websites to create a separate app, as the new code makes a site compatible with whatever platform it is being accessed from. In the past, Android users had a slightly more limited game selection than those playing on desktop computers. This was because instant play and downloadable gaming sites incorporated Flash. Now, with HTML5 this is no longer an issue, and mobile game selection has improved dramatically. Mobile users can access all the same games as they would from the desktop, and game developers are looking to recode old games in the new format.

How you Can Learn About HTML5

Learning about HTML5 is essential now for anyone who is interested in web design or developing games. This code will be the future of web pages for some time, so starting now would be a great idea. Luckily, there are a number of ways that you can learn about the code for free and teach yourself at home.
Even though HTML5 is set to spell an end to the traditional mobile app, ironically, there are some apps that teach users about the code. HTML5 Pro Quick Guide from Maui IT is designed to provide beginners with a guide to the basics of the code, while, at the same time, giving expert tips to more adept programmers. HTML tags are broken down into different categories such as Structural Elements, Head Elements, and List Elements, and there is additional HTML information about things like Cascading Style Sheets and Event Attributes.
For those who like to learn by putting things into practice, Tutor for Android will be right up your street. The app from The4D provides useful information about HTML5 and, at the same time, allows users to edit and test out code. There are built-in tutorials and demos so users can watch and then put what they have learnt into practice. Another app that puts everything to do with HTML5 into simple and understandable terms is Learn HTML5 & CSS3 from MasterBox. It features “recipes” that help the user create responsive HTML elements and different media.
Download one or more of these apps today and get a head start on what will be the main language of the internet for many years to come.

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