Micro SD OTG Adapter – Review

    I am a massive fan of dual USB drives and own two made by Sandisk. I find that they are the best way to transfer large files onto Androi...[Read More]



Review: Arkon Mobile Grip 2

Review: Arkon Mobile Grip 2 Arkon have sent me their Mobile Grip 2 and it’s compatible with larger display phones. This new Mobile Grip 2 will f...[Read More]

Review: Kinzd Waterproof Cellphone Pouch

Some manufacturers are now making waterproof smartphones, but these models usually come with some compromises and unless you work in water or regularl...[Read More]



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Review: Groov-e Sport Buds

    Review: Groov-e Sport Buds   We’ve reviewed lots of ear phones over the last few years here at DroidHorizon. All at different...[Read More]

Memory Card Reader Micro USB OTG – Review

Multimedia Memory Card Reader Micro USB OTG – Review I work with environmental monitoring devices ranging from sound level meters, vibration log...[Read More]



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Review: XTZ Earphone Sports

The majority of earphones coming out today are just standard earphones, sure they may have a different look and feel, but they are still earphones. Ho...[Read More]

Review: Kinps KP-S002 13000mAh Power Bank

For travellers it’s pretty much essential to have a portable external battery that will extend the usage time of their gadgets on the road. Howe...[Read More]



Review: Otterbox Symmetry Series Case for the LG G4

Otterbox became famous for their heavy duty cases, but in recent years they’ve branched out also offering a lighter range of Symmetry Series cas...[Read More]



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Review: Mini Audio Mi the Minimalist Bluetooth Speaker

Review: Mini Audio Mi the Minimalist Bluetooth Speaker My shelves are full of bluetooth speakers, big ones, square ones, turtle shell ones. I thought ...[Read More]

Review: DBPOWER BA-700 Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit

Most of my music listening has gone wireless thanks to the use of Bluetooth speakers and headsets. However the one domain where I was still rocking it...[Read More]


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Review: UBSOUND Fighter Earphones

When it comes to audio brands, new kid on the block UBSOUND may not be the first name you think of. This Italian company just released these Fighter e...[Read More]



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Review: Acorn’s E1 and E2 Wooden Earphones

Review: Acorn’s E1 and E2 Wooden Earphones What can be better then a pair of solid wooden earphones? Two pairs of solid wooden earphones! UK bas...[Read More]

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