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Review: Groov-e Motion

    Review: Groov-e Motion GVBT300BK   We’re back with another headphone review for our readers, this time we’d like to sha...[Read More]

Review: iBeani

Review: iBeani We’ve looked at many tablet stands over the years here at Droidhorizon, in this review we’ll take a look at something a lit...[Read More]



Review: GripSnap The Flexible Magnetic Stand

Review: GripSnap The Flexible Magnetic Stand One question has plagued me since the creation of the selfie stick, “What if I want to do jazz hand...[Read More]

EasyAcc 4-port USB Power Strip Review

Welcome back guys to another review from myself and droid horizon this time we’re looking at the EasyAcc 4-Port USB Power Strip. First off have ...[Read More]

Review: TeckNet iEP170 2-Port 4.8A USB Car Charger

The first thing that struck me about this car charger is how compact it is.  Despite providing two USB charging ports it’s only 5cm long and no wider ...[Read More]



Review: PLAYBULB Candle

Review: PLAYBULB Candle     I am used to smart bulbs, but this is the first smart candle I have reviewed. The Playbulb Candle is meant to re...[Read More]



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Review: Poetic Affinity Hybrid Case for the LG G4

We reviewed the Poetic Revolution case for the G4 a while back which offered heavy duty protection, but if you’d prefer something a little light...[Read More]



Review: The Drift Stealth 2 Action Cam

Review: The Drift Stealth 2 Action Cam I have never owned an action cam before. The closest I go to owning one was when I used a friends Go-Pro Hero 4...[Read More]

Review: Syllable D50 Bluetooth Headset

The Syllable D50 is a mono Bluetooth headset which is very small (5cm long) and light (9 grams, allowing it to be comfortably worn for extended period...[Read More]



Review: WHOOSH! Screen Shine Go

Review: WHOOSH! Screen Shine Go We all know the fact, your mobile phone is 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat. Its a hub of germs, fingerprints and g...[Read More]



Review: Vena Retain Case for the LG G4

If you’d like to add some protection to your LG G4 while still being able to see the back then you should take a look at the Retain case from Vena. Th...[Read More]



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Review: Crossfade M-100 from V-MODA

Review: Crossfade M-100 from V-MODA V-MODA are the headphones used by high profile DJs like of Deadmau5, Avicii and Eric Morillo. The V-MODA Crossfade...[Read More]

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