Intel Announced as Headline Sponsor For 2018 ESL Premiership

Currys PC World to join Intel as PC Partner furthering commitment to UK esports


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ESL, the world’s largest esports company, today announced Intel as the official headline sponsor of the ESL Premiership, the UK’s national esports league, for 2018. As part of the sponsorship, Intel is collaborating with Currys PC World to highlight its best-in-class processors in gaming machines sold by the retailer.

The partnership is an important milestone in ESL’s efforts to expand national-level esports in the UK. By working with two brands experienced in delivering quality for gamers – Intel, a legacy esports brand, and Currys PC World, the UK’s largest electrical retailer – ESL can secure the future of the UK’s premier esports national championships and embark on an expansion programme aimed at supporting and growing esports at a grassroots level in the UK.

“Intel is the largest endemic brand currently within esports,” commented James Dean, UK managing director at ESL. “To have Intel as headline sponsor of the ESL Premiership for 2018, not only solidifies that claim, but adds further credibility to our National Championship, which has grown year on year for the past five years.”

“We’re also pleased to have the involvement of Currys PC World, another household brand familiar to UK gamers for years. Partners like these are imperative to running successful, national-level esports. We are proud to be associated with brands like Intel and Currys PC World and we look forward to working with them closely to further develop the growing grassroots esports ecosystem in the UK.”

As part of Intel’s sponsorship of the ESL Premiership for the year ahead, all PCs used during the offline finals will be powered by 8th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processors to deliver the premium performance that gaming and esports demand.

The first season under the new sponsorship is the Rainbow Six ESL Premiership kicking off its first weekly show on 15 January and running every Monday up until 19 February, with the live finals on 10 and 11 March.

The ESL Premiership features four titles: Rainbow Six beginning in January; Counter Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends beginning late February and Hearthstone starting in late Spring.

The ESL Premiership is the largest National League for all four titles in the UK and in the case CS:GO and LoL, are the official national qualifiers for European competition.

More information on the ESL Premiership including news and stream times can be found here:

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