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Review: Braven Flye Sport In-Ear Bluetooth Earphones

Our previous reviews of Braven’s Bluetooth speakers have been very positive, so we were happy to be ...[Read More]



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Jaybird X3 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Review

Jaybird X3 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Review I’m a bit late to the Jaybird X3 party, but th...[Read More]


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Soundpeats In-Ear Headphones Review

Soundpeats In-Ear Headphones Review SoundPEATS B10u These headphones look very simple, I was worried...[Read More]



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iClever’s XFree Bluetooth earbuds

Released by iClever, the XFree are a set of Bluetooth earbuds. They are resistant to small amounts o...[Read More]



Even E1 In-Ear headphones Review

Even E1 In-Ear headphones Review After many years of headphone reviews, I thought I had seen it all....[Read More]

Bluetooth Speakers

Review: iClever BoostSound BTS-04 Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

This compact water resistant speaker has an aluminium shell with matte black plastic at the top and bottom. It has a fairly slim design which delivers...

Review: IEC Technology’s Ultra Portable Bluetooth Speaker

So for the last few days, I’ve been playing around with a Bluetooth speaker. I’ve been somewhat intrigued by the concept for some time, so...

Creative T15 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Review

Creative T15 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Review I have been after a good set of speakers for my work station for a while. They needed to be compact, b...

Review: iClever IC-BTS03 Bluetooth Speaker

iClever’s IC-BTS03 waterproof Bluetooth speaker comes in a cardboard box along with an instruction leaflet and both micro USB and 3.5mm audio cables. ...

Review: Coocheer CH-080 Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker comes packaged in a cardboard box along with an instruction leaflet, drawstring carry pouch and both micro USB charging and 3.5mm audio c...

Review: NatulaRays Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

I’ve used a number of small/mini/portable bluetooth speakers. All have had their advantages and disadvantages. Some have been awful. Some have b...

Review: Omaker W4 Bluetooth Speaker

This little Bluetooth speaker hasn’t the longest list of features, but for me what really sets it apart is it’s size. Being a cube that’s just under 2...

Intempo Tailgate Speaker Review

Intempo Tailgate Speaker Review It’s almost summer! Time for BBQ’s, late night drinking outdoors and drinking before 11am. You’re go...

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