Review: aLLreLi’s F5 bluetooth earphones

  Over the last few days, I’ve had the pleasure to try out a pair of bluetooth earphones from aLLreLi. There’s a couple of different ways in which this is different from most of the others that I’ve tried before. Fortunately for them, they are improvements in just about every way.
  These headphones sit over the ear. aLLreLi uses a siple color scheme, of black and chrome, using plastics and a thing strip of burshed metal; the chrome is largely located on either side to hold the earphones in place. The “barrette” that rests on the top of the head and connects the two ear phones has the same soft/poofy, stuffed plastic that also insulates the earphones.. All told, it makes they are colored in black and make for quite a soft and comfy fit.The earphones are hinged, so they can fold toward the top, and snap into place when unflolded and fully etended. On the back side of the right earphone are all the controls. There’s volume up and down, and a multi purpose button both powers the headset on or off, and answers calls. There’s also an LED there with the buttons, which flashes red when powering up/down, and blue when connected. Lastly, there are two ports on the bottom of the righthand earphone: your standard microUSB for charging, and a 3.5mm for using the earphones by way of a chord.
  The headset performed well in my usage. It purports to have 14 hours of battery life, and it went beyond that in my case. It took a few sessios for me to drive it down to zero from a full charge, but I got near fifteen hours of usage before it finally konked out. At that point, with zero battery, I tried out the dual 3.5mm jack that is included with the headset, and found that it performed just fine with no battery, which is nice as a fallback plan, so users aren’t stuck if the battery goes out on short notice, from forgetting to charge it. As for the way they sound, they are far and away better than any other bluetooth headset that I’ve tried. On the one hand, they’ve all been earbuds. On the other hand, I’ve used wired earbuds that sounded better than the lot of them. On the gripping hand, they were typically sold for less than the standard asking price of these. Back to the point though, these sound nice. Not perfect, but nice. Whereas the others seemed to have an utter dearth of bass and depth of sound, these earphones didn’t lack that at all. While the range only goes down to 20Hz, it seems to live up to the  “strong bass stero headphones”. While that reads a bit on the broad side, I can attest to the difference, as these are actually ones that I’d happily use for listening to music with, as opposed to just audio books and other spoken media where bass isn’t necessary. This does seem to come at the cost of a bit of sharpeness to the sound, but tha’t’s far from a deal breaker here. Add to this the fact that aLLreLi also claims “enhanced noise reduction”. I’m not sure if it’s just how snugly they fit over my ear, or if there’s some secret sauce happening with the hardware, but this coupled with the base make for a nice combo. As for using them on the phone, I was able to be heard and understood clearly, on the same level as if I weren’t using a headset at all. Conversely, the callers that i spoke with didn’t sound quite as clear, having a bit of a “grainy” sound do it; considering that music sounds good, I’m a bit surprised that phone audio doens’t. Not a big deal in my book, but it might be in yours. As for its range from my phone before losing signal, it didn’t perform quite as well as others I’ve tried, in the range of about fifteen to twenty feet.
  In the end, these headphones are difficult for me to dislike, outside of phone calls. They aren’t just bluetooth only, have solid battery life, they sound good, their snug fit is comfortable and the appearance is nice as well. They are large, so they aren’t suble, but that’s not really what they’re going for, so it’s not being held agains them here. On the whole, I’m giving them an 8.5, with the phone quality being the largest part of that deduction. If that’s not important to you, add a point. Should you decide to purchase a pair, aLLreLi was kind enough to provide a code that’s good through the end of March (GMT time), and takes 20% off the price. The code is MB081020 .


Ryan is married with two kids, and loves heavy metal and super hot Buffalo wings

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