Review: Aukey USB-C Cable 5-Pack

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If you’ve just bought one of the latest gadgets that has abandoned the Micro USB socket in favour of the newer USB Type C standard, you’ll likely want to upgrade your cable collection also. For a reasonable price this pack of cables from Aukey should cover most people’s needs.

Aukey USB-C Cables - Box

Inside the small cardboard box you get a total of 5 cables with a standard USB 3.0 connector on one end and a reversible USB-C on the other. They come in 3 different sizes – a short 1 ft cable, 3 x medium length 3.3 ft cables and an extra long 6.6 ft cable.

Aukey USB-C Cables - Contents

These are plain black PVC coated cables which seem well made with reinforced insulation and sturdy metal connectors. The medium length cables are a good size for most applications, and it’s always nice to have the choice of a shorter or longer cable when you need it.

Aukey USB-C Cables - Insulation

In use these give the impression of being good cables with charging and data transfer performance matching the Type C cable that came with my phone.

Aukey USB-C Cables - Connectors

I find it handy to have a few cables scattered around, and if you’ve similar demands then a 5-pack like this is a great idea. Each cable also works out to be fairly inexpensive when buying in a pack like this. If you’re looking for quality USB-C charging cables then you won’t go far wrong with these.

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