Review: Buckshot Pro from Outdoor Tech

Review: Buckshot Pro from Outdoor Tech

I have been using the Buckshot Pro from Outdoor Tech for a while and really liking it. It’s a battery pack, speaker and flashlight all rolled into a small package. This £80 speaker is I would say, aimed at the outdoor type of people,  anyone cycling or camping, and looking for music, charging and a torch. Even though this is 3 devices in one, I still found that asking £80, was a big ask.


I really like the look of Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro, with its tube shape, covered in a rubber material with a triangle textured pattern to make it easier to grip and hold. As with most Outdoor Tech products it comes in a wide variety of colours, such as a dark green, a bright green, gray, orange, black, or red. With its IPX5 rating and shock absorbent material the buckshot pro is definitely designed people who like the great outdoors.

All the normal playback controls, are positioned around the outside of the device, using that rubberised material to protect them, this is also wear the mic is for handsfree calling. When using the torch, the Buckshot Pro come in at almost 6 inches, when not connected it is a tiny 4 inches.

The speaker is hidden behind a speaker grill, at (what I would call) the bottom of the pro, while the “top” end contains the micro-usb port, which is used for charging, and a normal USB point, so I can charge my S6 Edge or for the torch to clip into.



The torch addon is a really good idea, and a great little accessory to have. It plugs into the USB port, you can then fasten it to the Pro using a screw top. Holding down the off/on button for three seconds activates the torch, there are four torch modes, two make it function like a lamp, one is to activate the torch and lastly one for a biking strobe effect. Though that’s not to say you can’t use the strobe for a party in the woods.

I was able to get around 9 – 10 hours of battery life, this included playing with the torch, making calls and listening to some banghing tunes.


From a speaker point of view, this isn’t going  to blow your minds. Its small size though convenient does have an impact on the audio quality, namely the bass. When playing normal bass level tracks at a normal volume, this speaker excelled. It sounded great and with the speaker pointing up, was surprisingly loud.

Now when playing bass heavy tracks, you start to pick up on the problems with the speaker. Even more so when you whack up the volume, it starts to sound staticy and a bit muffled.




I actually really like this speaker. I feel happier having it, so if I go cycling, or to the beach I have something to hand which can charge, play music and act as a torch. The price tag is just the sticking point for me and probably a lot of other people.


  • Torch Attachment
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Bike Mountable
  • Moderate sound


  • Cost
  • Can't deal with bass


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