Review: Decoka DK100 Wired In-Ear ANC Earphones

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Decoka DK100 - Box

Surely noise-cancelling earphones that currently sell for a penny under $40 / £30 can’t be any good? Like me you may not have heard of the Decoka brand, but after spending some time with their DK100 wired in-ear earphones I’d say maybe it’s about time you did.

Decoka DK100 - Open Box

They come foam-packed inside a small black box along with a small user manual, drawstring carry pouch, Micro USB charging cable plus spare silicone earbuds and earhooks for those in-ear earpieces.

Decoka DK100 - Contents

They have a simple, understated design with a matte black plastic shell and the DECOKA logo on each earpiece along with a small hole for the ANC microphones. The cable is coated in fairly thick rubber with a handy 3 button in-line remote that worked well with my Android phone. I was impressed with the overall quality and would expect these earphones to withstand a lot of abuse.

Decoka DK100 - Remote

Also embedded in the cable near the L-shaped 3.5mm audio jack is the disc-shaped ANC unit. This has a green LED power indicator which lights up when you flick the on/off switch at the side. Also on the side is a covered Micro USB charging port for the internal 120mAh (20 hour) battery and a monitor button. When you press this monitor button it lowers the music volume and slightly boosts ambient noise – great for letting you be able to hear when someone starts talking to you.

Decoka DK100 - ANC Module and Jack

The ANC module is a little bulky but it’s fairly light and I found it didn’t get in the way very much. Overall these earphones where comfortable and lightweight while providing decent isolation.

Decoka DK100 - Earpieces

In terms of audio, the highs are clear and detailed with warm, natural sounding mids and a deep (slightly emphasized) bass. With their spacious sound-stage I really enjoyed listening to a variety of music with these. Thankfully this great sound doesn’t seem to degrade once you switch on the active noise cancellation. While you’ll still be aware of most ambient sounds, I definitely noticed the difference with constant low frequency background noise.

Decoka DK100 - In Ear

If you’re looking for wired earphones then I didn’t find much to complain about with the DK100s. I especially liked that handy monitor mode and hope to see more headphones include this feature in future. Overall these are comfortable and sound great while offering decent ANC at a very reasonable price.

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