Review: EC Technology’s mirrored charging pad

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Having landed a Nexus 6 about a year ago, I’ve really come to appreciate wireless charging. I tend to use them during the day, when I’m prone to pick it up and put it back down on a frequent basis, as well as overnight. I like how they preserve the charging port. In using them, I’ve also come to appreciate how some stand out from the crown, in their appearance. This one from EC Technolgoy is one such charging pad.

The unit’s appearance was the first thing to stand out to me. Not that most charging mats are thick to begin with, the this one appeared thinner than most (even if that’s just an optical illusion of sorts, though it is less than 8mm in thickness). Second, it’s circular, which I find a bit more appearling over the square ones. Third, and this was the part that really made an impression on me, was coloring. The periphery of the circle was a graphite gray, while the inside of the disc was a just a mirror (save for the company logo in the middle of it). At the risk of hammering this point too hard, I really like how it looks. Definitely one of the better looking ones that I’ve seen. To cap this off, when you plug it in so it’s ready to charge, the logo and an inner circle begin to fade to light, and dim again, in a “breathing” pattern, giving it a slight Sci-Fi feel to the whole thing. Well done.

A micro USB cable plugs in on one side of the unit, while there’s a small LED that lights up green on the other side, when a phone is charging on it. As for perfomance, I let my phone (running stock 6.0.1 with a 3,220 mAh battery) charge for twenty minutes. After that time, it increased the battery charge from 32% to 40%, so it’s on par with others I’ve tested.

There aren’t many drawbacks at all for this charger, but here goes: I wouldn’t have put the logo in the middle of mirror, nor lit it up. It’s a touch ostentatious of them, on an otherwise stellar charger. Second, however small the LED is, I like it when they turn off after several seconds. So, if you’re willing to overlook EC Technology’s logo in the middle of this thing, it’s a solid charger that I don’t think you’d regret. Thus, it’s getting a nine. I’d give a ten, but for the logo’s placement and the LED remaining lit all the time.



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