Review: xProDock NFC Dock from iBOLT

Review: xProDock NFC Dock from iBOLT

A smartphone car mount is normally pretty standard but the latest model from iBOLT called the xProDock comes with an added bonus, NFC. This means that by stepping into my car and putting my phone into its dock, I can pre-allocate settings to be enabled by the NFC tag supplied with it. Which is great, as it now means I can put it onto car mode automatically, and not have to fumble with the settings, this is especially good with the coming winter, and gloves.


  • Compatibility: Designed to fit most phones, from a Galaxy S3 to Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or HTC One Max.
  • Mounting: Strong and vibration free ROK II Mount included. Attach on windshield or dashboard.
  • Case compatibility: Designed to fit most cases including Otterbox Defender and Lifeproof.
  • DockMode: Included NFC tag launches DockMode on compatible Android devices.
  • Camera is always visible for capturing video.

The xProDock is designed to fit most phone/case combinations from 2.6 In (66mm) to 3.7 In (170mm) in height, and unlimited width. This includes phones ranging in size from a Samsung Galaxy s6 to a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with a large case. This also means I can have a case on my phone, and not have to take it off to fit it into the dock. Simply sliding it between the grips meant I could secure my phone in place with just one hand and very little effort.

The xProDock secures along the center of the phone, which leaves room for your phone’s camera. Though I wouldn’t see this as a massive plus point, my dad likes to record drives as he was recently in an accident, so uses it to keep evidence if it happens again. The NFC tag, can be used to open his “dash cam” app, without any need to unlock the phone.

The ROK II suction Mount has a suction cup with an adhesive bottom, allowing attachment directly to any windshield or hard surface on the dashboard. The 17 mm industry standard ball joint makes it compatible with alternative mounting solutions on the market. So I was able to attach this to my old car dock which was already attached in the car.

The xProDock can spin 360 degrees, which meant in traffic I can flip it vertically to read comments, or the news, and then horizontally for viewing maps or videos.

Included in the kit is an NFC tag for compatible Android phones. Using NFC Technology, the tag automatically launches the iBOLT Dock’n Drive app that can be downloaded for free in the Google Playstore. The Dock’n Drive app has large shortcut buttons, access to any music player, and a speedometer/compass right on the home screen. (Note: both ‘iBOLT DockMode’ and ‘iBOLT Dock’n Drive’ apps must be downloaded for the tag to work)



Really happy with the overall performance of this dock. The app and tag combination is a great touch, and is a great interface to have when driving. The price is around $40, so a little bit more then standard docks, but with the added benefit of NFC it’s not bad at all. Check it out below:


  • NFC
  • Compatibility with different phones
  • Great Functionality
  • Easy to use App


  • Has to be used with their own app


Owner of a rooted One and Nexus 7. Mostly write reviews of apps and any hardware I can get my hands on. I frequent Google+ and XDA-Developers.

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