RIMOWA Electronic Tag and Materna Kick-start a Seamless Passenger Experience Revolution

featured RIMOWA Electronic Tag and Materna Kick-start a Seamless Passenger Experience Revolution

Two international market leaders team up for a truly premium bag-drop experience


At PTE 2017 in Amsterdam from 14 to 16 March, RIMOWA Electronic Tag and Materna will present a seamless passenger journey including the first fully integrated digital luggage solution the RIMOWA Electronic Tag. This technology will change travelling dramatically. It enables travelers to use their smartphone to send a digital bag tag to their suitcase from the comfort of their own home, and drop it off within seconds at the airport. RIMOWA Electronic Tag and Materna are showcasing this innovation for the first time at PTE 2017 at stand 5040.

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RIMOWA Electronic Tag suitcases guarantee a seamless and fast bag drop process for passengers. It will replace paper-based bag tags and is compliant to IATA regulations. The display can also be personalized e.g. with address data or a favorite picture.

The process is very simple for passengers: Passengers check-in from home or anywhere else and equip their Rimowa suitcase with the necessary bag tag information by using the RIMOWA mobile app and the respective airline app. The app identifies the baggage and transfers all necessary data via Bluetooth to the integrated electronic bag tag on the suitcase. When passengers arrive at the airport, they are already completely checked-in and only need to drop their luggage.

Together, both companies developing a new solution for an advanced, high-level bag drop process called: Premium Bag Drop. This premium solution is optimized for RIMOWA Electronic Tag suitcases. All necessary data regarding destination, airline as well as departure and routing information is already available by the time the bag is dropped at the premium bag drop. This accelerates the handling process and is easy to use for passengers – at a dedicated Rimowa bag drop point so there are no delays.

PTE in Amsterdam is the start of the Premium Bag Drop world tour for both companies. Further stops at major industry fairs are in Dublin, Las Vegas (FTE), Singapore (FTE) and Cologne (Materna Aviation Forum).

RIMOWA Electronic Tag is the top innovator and premium provider for high value luggage and is a pioneer when it comes to the digitalization of luggage while Materna is the leading international player in automated passenger handling solutions from home to destination. Together their innovative bag drop system will start a revolution in the aviation market.


RIMOWA has found a new, revolutionary way to travel in the future: the first fully integrated digital luggage solution – RIMOWA Electronic Tag. A technology that will change travelling. This enables travelers to use their smartphone to check in their suitcases from the comfort of their own home, and drop them off within seconds at the airport – without any fuss or delays.

About Materna

Materna is one of the leading IT consulting companies in the information and communications technology sector, employing around 1,700 members of staff throughout Europe and achieving revenues of EUR 210 million in 2015. Materna is a full service provider, delivering a complete range of services for the premium segment: from consultation and implementation through to operations and cloud services for large enterprises and the public sector.

Under the brand Materna ips (Integrated Passenger Services) and as one of the most well-known suppliers for airports and airlines worldwide, Materna delivers solutions for automated passenger handling at airports. In addition to the European market, Materna’s Integrated Passenger Services portfolio also focuses on the North-American market, with its own subsidiary in Orlando, Florida, and on the Asian market.


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