RiutBag Crush and R15.3 Laptop Bag Review

Riutbag started life on Kickstarter, with the goal to make a backpack which is only accessible through the back. making it theft-proof when worn.

I hadn’t heard about this backpack until I saw a guy wearing one whilst cycling in London. It’s made from waterproof materials, features hidden zipper closures, and even secret pockets.

The anti-theft features are a pretty big selling point, and not something I have seen promoted in other bags. The fact that the bag is made from waterproof materials and features no open pockets, this is gonna save you from a range of pickpocket attacks.

The RiutBag also features Optimal Weight Balance, which means that you can pack it full and it should feel light. Which in practice did work, I was able to fill it with a laptop, my lunch and a water bottle, and it felt lighter than when I put the same stuff in another bag.

This should be featured on the next Bond film, as it got more hidden pockets then Brosnan’s blazer. Which meant I could store all the little things I carry around like keys, change, cards etc.

  • Smart black backpack for 15″ laptop
  • Waterproof materials
  • Sturdy weather proof base
  • Padded straps
  • Adjustable and removable chest strap
  • Zipped double laptop compartment
  • Mesh cable pockets
  • Water bottle holders
  • Organising mesh pockets
  • D-pocket for passport and phone access on the go
  • Bright internal lining for ease finding objects
  • YKK zips
  • Quick access top pocket

This is a big backpack. I was able to fit in my 15-inch laptop in it and any power cables, but there isn’t really much space in the backpack itself. I tried to roll up my hoody and place that inside, and it catches on all the inner pockets and makes the bag unable to be closed. This to meant to feel like a commuter bag, definitely not a weekend bag.

You can also grab the RiutBag Crush, which is a light, spacious and minimalist bag for travelling or everyday use. It weighs just 230 grams and is really strong because of the double layers of ripstop nylon. Which is the same material used to make hot air balloons. It ca also be folded up into a little bag and put away for easy storage.

I would really recommend these bags for anyone commuting up to London, or any big town. The bag is great for laptop and other work things.

RiutBag R15.3 | Secure black backpack for 15" laptop | 15 litre

RiutBag Crush | Light daypack | Black



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