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Shade Runner by Péter Pandula


Endless rhythm games are nothing new to the mobile gaming world but it’s always nice to see different takes on them. With Shade runner you have to guide a rolling ball down a tiled road avoiding the differently shaded tiles. The game starts out nice and easy but quickly gets harder and harder as the ball picks up momentum and the shades of the tiles become less noticeable.

There are a few things that change the gameplay, from questions marks on the tile road to bonuses you can purchase using points you have earned. Rolling over the question marks produces various random effects ranging from the helpful piano mode (adjusting the tiles to black and white, making it really easy to spot the traps), to the confusing disco mode (constantly changing all of the tiles to random colours making spotting the traps far more challenging). The game ends when the ball rolls over a shaded tile which contains a trap, at this point you will be given a score. Your score is then converted into spendable points that can be used on seven different upgrades to help you with your next run. You can use up to three of these upgrades at the same time to help put your name at the top of the global score board. The cheapest of these is an upgrade to generate bonus stars throughout your run which, when rolled over, provide you with extra points. At the other end of the price scale you can buy a trap detector that will raise the traps up to make them more noticeable for a set amount of time. When this upgrade is combined with a second life it can really help to increase your score by a fair bit.

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Not only does the game have a leaderboard but it comes with 13 achievements with over 85,000XP up for grabs. The last five are secrets so I cannot see how much XP is on offer.
Some achievements are more tricky to unlock than overs but fortunately it would seem that they all do not require you to spend a penny.

The game is free to download and will have the occasional advert after a run but you can remove the adverts for the small price of £1. Considering that Peter is a small indie developer I can imagine that the money would be greatly appreciated.



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