5 tips to protect your gadgets from storm damage

Following the recent storms to hit the Caribbean and the damage it has caused, consumers should check if their homes are in fact insured against storm damage such as overvoltage caused by lightning now before serious storms hit the UK. We have more gadgets than ever before and all require regular charging and connection to power, putting them at risk of thousands of pounds worth of damage. It is p...[Read More]

5 Tips to Make Money by Selling Apps

Apps are becoming a great way to earn money for many app developers worldwide and the market is still growing as more developers start to come in. Apps come in different categories and targeting different sets of customers, yet even the most narrow- niched applications are still facing some competition. Competition among apps is tight, whether for IOS, Android or for other purposes. This is becaus...[Read More]

5 Amazing Augmented Reality Hardware

We’ve discussed Augmented Reality several times.   The fast Synopsis: As per Tech.co this is an emerging technology with unlimited opportunity for industry and beyond as compared to virtual reality. Try it ahead of time and lead the rest in your business. As essential as it’s to find the word out about what AR are capable of doing for your industry, we do care to address the unbel...[Read More]

Honor 5X now available in the UK and Europe

Munich, February 5, 2016 – The wait is over for technology savvy digital natives who expect a smartphone to be purpose-built for their lifestyles. Honor, the energetic and online-first brand, has presented the Honor 5X to Europe in Munich, Germany. The Honor 5X delivers all the essentials young, stylish and adventurous consumers are seeking: The high quality metal construction protects their memor...[Read More]

Top 5 accessories of 2015

Now that the year is coming to an end, we thought it would be a good idea to pull together our reviews and give our top 5 accessories of 2015. If you’re an active follower of the site, you’ll be aware we review a lot of accessories these days. Companies want their products showcased on droidhorizon, every day we receive lots of requests and are extremely busy bringing more content to t...[Read More]

Top 5 Halloween VR apps

With the holiday season fast approaching, we thought it would be a great idea to share some applications and games that you may find fun or frightening for Halloween. Our Top 5 Halloween VR apps have been chosen and shared in no particular order, you can also find our reviews of the The Homido VR Headset and the Immerse Virtual Reality Headset in which we give our professional opinion on both thes...[Read More]

Top 5 Android Photo Editor Apps

Top 5 Android Photo Editor Apps We’re back with more recommended apps that our readers may enjoy.. This time the focus is on applications that you, me and everyone can use to add a little something something to our photos or images. We all love taking pictures of our kids or pets, we all love our social networks of choice and we all love to share and keep in-touch with family members. ItR...[Read More]

Top 5 Radio Streaming Apps

  Let me start by saying that I personally feel radio is not something I use much day to day Its far too easy just to have the music you want to hear on a device and stream it to your handy bluetooth device. But what if you want to keep up to date with news, maybe find new music or maybe you just like a bit of banter between songs? Then you will have to listen to good old radio. Sure you can ...[Read More]

Cyanogen Mod’s official Lollipop announcement

           (Credit due for image creator)   Cyanogen Mod’s official Lollipop announcement. The biggest and most likely the best after-market software development team at Cyanogen Mod have officially announced their plans for starting to build from Android 5.0 Lollipop. (I say best meaning most successful, there are numerous 3rd party ROMs and development teams out there building for eve...[Read More]

Where’s my Android 5.0 (Lollipop) update?

    Having rummaged through all the announcements from the big manufacturers, we thought it might be a good idea to list all/ most of the planned updates time scales for current devices that we and our readers own. Not a definitive arrangement by any means, but, we’ll try to link straight from the source as much as possible. Android lollipop 5.0 is the most anticipated software upd...[Read More]

Samsung Galaxy S5 – Review

April 11th I was one of the first people in line to pick up the Galaxy S5 from one of my local T-Mobile shops here in Columbia, SC. I actually used the T-Mobile JUMP Program and traded in my LG G2 which I was very fond of. My wife and I had an appointment to get to and I had to wait an agonizing 3 hours to unbox it and begin the process of having fun with it! Just to be clear I paid for this devic...[Read More]

Bugdroid Circuit Intelligent Wallet (Nexus5) – Review

 Bugdroid Circuit Intelligent Wallet – Review   The Bugdroid Circuit Intelligent Wallet from Cruzerlite provides great protection, ( in a wallet style case), that looks great and has the added bonus of letting you carry your credit cards and some cash. It’s intelligent, which means the case unlocks when you open it and locks when you close it again. I’m not sure of it’...[Read More]

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