Solo Crosby Backpack Review

Solo Crosby Backpack Review isn’t a company I have heard about, but I loved the look of their Crosby Backpack. This backpack is for the tech obsessed commuter, who needs space for their laptop, tablet and protection for their more valuable tech. I was impressed by the initial look of the Crosby Backpack, I had been sent the black colour, and it looked cool and professional. It’s a s...[Read More]

Helios, Helios Lite and Aerio Bags from Moshi Review

Helios, Helios Lite and Aerio Bags from Moshi Review I am always on the lookout for a great backpack. I have backpacks with batteries built in and backpacks with solar panels hanging off them, but Moshi have given me something I haven’t seen in a long time, a functional tech backpack, where most of the time, money and ingenuity has gone into making it look great and hold up against the eleme...[Read More]

Review: Hopsooken backpack

Hopsooken makes gear for travel. Their line includes a backpack, neckpouch, and money belt.  I’ve spent a couple of weeks with their 30L backpack, which seems to indicate that their line is good for travel, in that it’s collapsible into a small pouch, water resistant, and light. I haven’t spent time with a backpack in a couple of decades, so at this point I’m pretty close t...[Read More]

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