NBN Review: An Honest Look at Australia’s New Fibre Optic Cable-Based Internet

There is no doubt that the Internet has become a part of life in many places around the world, including Australia. There are more connected devices in the country than ever before, and this number is expected to rise. This is part of the reason why Australia decided to move forward and introduce the National Broadband Network or NBN for short.   The move is costing the people of the country ...[Read More]

MOS Spring USB-C Cable Review

MOS Spring USB-C Cable Review A constant problem I have when using usb cables, is over time, they start to fray and bend at either end. This is normally due to the various positions I use them in to charge my large array of tech devices. MOS have come up with a fantastic solution to this issue, their Spring USB-C Cable. They have made three major changes to the average USB cable: Anodized Aluminum...[Read More]

Review: ICZI USB 3.0 Smart Link Cable

USB has made it easy for us to connect all sorts of accessories to our computers. However when it comes to linking a couple of PCs together we’ve always had to look at other solutions. This special cable from ICZI has been designed to allow direct data transfer between PCs via their USB ports. It even allows one computer to control the mouse and keyboard of the other and share clipboard contents. ...[Read More]

WINNERGEAR Micflip fully reversable USB cable

A USB cable purchase is a purchase born out of frustration. You have generally either forgot, lost or destroyed your previous cable and urgently need to charge something when the descision is made. Under these circumstances the options you have tend to be limited but if you are the sort who plans ahead or likes to have cables available at home and work or anywhere else you might spend time the Win...[Read More]

MEEM – Physical Backups on the Fly

MEEM To most of us a charging cable is just that, a cable. If you are feeling adventurous you might buy one that’s a fancy colour, or maybe has little LED’s to show the energy powering down the line. To the guys behind MEEM however, a charging cable was seen as an opportunity to bring physical backups to mobile devices without the user having to change anything about their normal usage routine. Su...[Read More]

Review: EasyACC Travel Cable Organizer

For the last few weeks I’ve been using a Travel Cable Organizer by EasyACC. I’ve been curious to use one of these for a while so I was pretty excited at the opportunity to test one out. Spoiler alert: I liked it. The design of this organizer is fairly simple. There’s a flat board/panel that’s covered with what feels like a nylon or other artificial material. One one side of...[Read More]

Meem Memory Charging Cable Review

Meem Memory Charging Cable Review The Meem Memory cable is (according to MEEM) the only product of its kind in existence. This funky green and black cable charges your phone and automatically backs up your device. The Meem slips into your daily routine and while charging your phone, will backup things like messages and pictures for you. The average Android user has a total 1.94GB of ‘Meemable’ dat...[Read More]

Review: [FUSE]chicken Titan M Tough Micro USB Cable

To me Micro USB cables are a consumable product. Maybe I’m overly careless or charge too many gadgets, but I’m lucky if a cable lasts me 6 months. Eventually they go wonky and only work for a few seconds when bent into some weird position. As a result of a Kickstarter campaign, [FUSE]chicken have developed their Titan range of tough cables for Android and iOS and were kind enough to send me one of...[Read More]

Infinite possibilities with Infiniteusb Review

Infinite possibilities with Infiniteusb USB hubs are a staple for any desk, due to the large amount of devices we need plugged into our computers. I tend to stay away from hubs, as I find them a little too bulky. So I was really interested in the Kickstarter for Infiniteusb. This is a fantastic little idea, why bother with a cumbersome bulky hub, when you can just plug in another USB cable into yo...[Read More]

Review: Y-CHARGE and FLYP-DUO from TYLT

Review: Y-CHARGE and FLYP-DUO from TYLT When reviewing the ENERGI case from TYLT, they also sent a couple of cable solutions, the FLYP-DUO which is a reversible USB cable. It has a micro-USB connecter with a lightning cable attachment. The second product is the Y-CHARGE [QUIK], which is a dual USB car dock, so you can use quick-charge technology to charge two devices. FLYP-DUO At Droid Horizon we ...[Read More]

Portapow Charging Cable Review

One of the big advantages of Android devices is that most have the ubiquitous micro USB connector, allowing the use of the same charging cable for a wide range of gadgets. However, unless you’ve somehow managed to stick to that same charger that came with your device you’ll probably have noticed that not all chargers are created equal. Your phone or tablet will charge, but maybe not as quickly as ...[Read More]

A quick look at the Popcord

A quick look at the Popcord Popcord started life on Kickstarter and will soon be shipping out to customers. Its a great little piece of kit, allowing you to always have a USB cable handy when you’re in a pinch. Unlike a lot of similar products I really like how distinctly elegant it looks. It has such a clean design and matches up with a lot of mobile phones, so much you would think they wer...[Read More]

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