MOS Pack Charging backpack – Review

MOS Pack Charging backpack – Review The MOS Pack features a built-in charging station and internal cable management so you can charge everything without taking it all out of your backpack. After using it for a couple of weeks, I can confirm 100% they are telling the truth. This juggernaut of a bag, packs a wall charger, with two USB ports to plug in a variety of mobile devices. Everything is...[Read More]

Review: iClever’s Boost Cube two port USB charger

iClever is a company known for providing charging solutions. I have spent some time reviewing one of their Boost Cubes, specifically a two port USB wall charger. A few weeks back, I spent some time with their three port charger, as well as having also reviewed their quick charger. Let’s see how this one faired. LIke the other multi-port charger, this unit is a glossy and plastic white. On on...[Read More]

Review: iClever BoostCube QC3.0

  iClever is a company that provides charging solutions. Last week, I reviewed their three port charger, that puts out a solid 2.4 amps out of each port. Not bad. This week, I’m reviewing something different from them, which is a single port wall charging unit that supports Quick Charge. The prongs fold in, just like the other one, making this well suited for travel. It is color black instea...[Read More]

Review: CHOE QI Wireless Charging Pad

Before reviewing the CHOE QI  wireless charging station, I had no experience at all with wireless charging; effectively, I am coming in to this with a clean slate. To be honest, I had high hopes for what it would be like. This review will cover not only the device itself, but also touch on what I was hoping for. In some ways I am impressed with the technology, and disappointed in others. In light ...[Read More]

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