Review: Dudios Zeus Earbuds Bluetooth and Sweat Proof

When looking for a portable audio accessory, now-a-days many of us look for certain things. Sound quality, bluetooth enabled, wireless, compact, well built, headphones or earbuds, and included warranty just to name a few. So today I’ll be taking a look at these Dudios Zeus bluetooth earbuds and give my thoughts and ideas. These earbuds seem to be designed well. The inline controls unit seem ...[Read More]

Review: SoundPEATS Q36 Bluetooth Magnetic Sport Ear Buds

If you’re looking for some random thoughts on a budget priced set of bluetooth ear buds, you’re reading the right review. A couple weeks ago I receieved these SoundPEATS, and up to this point they’ve been great for numerous reasons. My Thoughts: These ear buds come with 4 different size covers, and 3 sized sets of ear hooks. You should be able to find the right combination to fit...[Read More]

LiteXim TW-08 True Wireless Earbuds Review

LiteXim TW-08 True Wireless Earbuds Review I love the freedom of bluetooth earphones, but I am getting a little fed up with the tangle of wires, the fact they get stuck on the back of my neck and the mass of cables when charging them. So I thought I’d give these a go, they are “True” wireless, which means they are single earbuds for each ear. They arrive in a modern looking charg...[Read More]


FRESHeTECH FRESHeBUDS Pro Review FresheTECH wasn’t a company that I had heard of before, but I was excited to get an opportunity to try out their FRESHeBUDS Pro. These have noise cancelling, waterproof and even a cool magnetic feature. I have seen these on a lot of sites, being offered with lots of money off. Having used them for a month, I can see why they are so cheap. So I will get the go...[Read More]

Review: iFrogz InTone Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

InTone are apparently iFrogz’s best selling pair of wired earphones, so for those who prefer to go wireless they now have a new version that replaces the 3.5mm audio jack with a small clip-on Bluetooth receiver. Inside the cardboard box you get the headset, a quick start guide and a Micro USB charging cable. While earphones that go right inside the ear canal are very popular, these earpieces sit o...[Read More]

Review: UBSOUND Orchestra In-Ear Earphones

When I heard UBSOUND have a new pair of budget earphones available, I was curious to see how they stacked up against their higher end Dreamer On-Ear Headphones and Fighter In-Ear Earphones (which I’d reviewed in the past). These both had impressive audio performance, but I’d expect more than a few compromises with their new Orchestra earbuds since they have a very reasonable £20/$24 price tag. Alo...[Read More]

Review: Marsboy CI142 Swift Sports earbuds

Marsboy is a company that focuses on solutions that include audio products. The last product that I reviewed by them were the bone conduction headphones. This time, I’m sharing my experience with their sport-friendly wireless ear buds. Here’s how things went for me. The appearance of the earbuds are a combination of black plastic for the casing of each ear bud, and (in my case) a brigh...[Read More]

a-JAYS Five for Android Earphones Review

a-JAYS Five for Android Earphones Review Those of us who’ve been using Android for a few years are very familiar with seeing accessory makers concentrate on Apple products. With Android now on over 80% of smartphones the tide is definitely changing, but for 3 button in-line control wired earbuds Android has very few options available. Jays are one of the few manufacturers to wake up to this injust...[Read More]

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