The world’s first AR + blockchain live-action game The Rose to be rolled out online

Baofeng Nova Co., Ltd., the world’s first professional blockchain-based infrastructure service provider, will launch The Rose worldwide on the eve of Valentine’s Day as the perfect gift that anyone can give to their significant other or object of their affection. The Rose is the first AR + blockchain live-action game.     By searching and downloading The Rose, players will ra...[Read More]

Randomise Card Game Review

Randomise Card Game Review Randomise is the new game in the Thomas family household. You are given a random “thing” and you choose if you want to act it, describe it or draw it for your team. There are probably more then a million combinations to get, so its never gonna get old. The game is made up of a series of cards, making this very easy to store and carry around. It is best played...[Read More]

STOP THE VIRUS! Hothead Games Announces Infectious Zombie Mobile Shooter Game

Kill the zombies before the virus kills you — and all of humanity!   Hothead Games, the developer and publisher of top-grossing shooter games on mobile, announced today the upcoming release of the creepiest, most vivid zombie shooter game on mobile, Kill Shot Virus. The third installment of the company’s adrenaline-fueled Kill Shot franchise will be available for iOS and Android devices...[Read More]

Hasbro and Marmalade Game Studio extend their relationship with the introduction of the mobile game CLUEDO

Hasbro licensed Marmalade Game Studio launches its mobile version of the iconic Cluedo on Android and iOS games globally   Marmalade Game Studio and Hasbro have expanded their relationship to bring another prestigious brand of world-class games to mobile devices. The Marmalade digital version of the CLUE / CLUEDO game is the first true conversion of the classic family game for mobile devices,...[Read More]

Gibsons Plop Game Review

Gibsons Plop Game Review Plop! has to be one of the most random items I have reviewed on Droid Horizon. It’s a game to be played by people over the age of 6, where a card is drawn and has a symbol on it, this symbol is related to an item, which then needs to be stuck between your bottom and then dropped off into the toilet. The toilet will then play a flash sound when this goal is achieved. ...[Read More]

60 Second App Review – Ready Steady Bang

Price – Free Adds – Yes IAP – No Rating 6/10 Android gaming is mostly an anti-social affair, so it’s nice to have a look at a little multi player time waster. Ready steady bang is a reaction game dressed up in the guise of gunfight. Two gunslingers stand either end of your screen and after a countdown you have to blast your opponent away. Graphically the game opts for a mon...[Read More]

To the castle Review

It’s true to say that many of today’s gamers will never know certain things about gaming, load times is an example of this, if you’re old enough you may remember the commodore 64 or the Amstrad, I don’t think I need to say more about that, go forward in time and you get ‘real’ consoles the Nintendo NES or the Sega Master System but it wasn’t until 16 bit c...[Read More]

Anki Overdrive Expansion Packs Review

Anki Overdrive Expansion Packs Review I reviewed the Anki Overdrive a while back here, but wanted to catch up on the modular capabilities of this game, by trying out some of the expansion packs they sell. They do a variety of packs and bundles, the bundles can range from £129 for a 7 piece kit, to £379 for a 24 piece kit. I checked out some of the smaller kits which start from £19.99, the collisio...[Read More]

Review: Anki Overdrive

Review: Anki Overdrive The Anki Overdrive is Scalextric for the Google generation, with a heavy influence from Mario Kart. You can build a 10 piece track in 2 mins, then control a souped up car, pick up power bonuses, and shoot other cars off the track. You don’t need a friend to place this (Though you can if needed), you can play by yourself and the other cars on the track  are self control...[Read More]

World Chef now available on Google Play

Create and manage your very own high-end restaurant with the launch of free app, World Chef! Recreate high-end dishes, make your own wine and even tend to the special orders of your VIP customers. Social Point, the leading mobile games company and the creator of Dragon City, aims to fulfill the dreams of players around the world who have longed to design, decorate and manage their own restaurant. ...[Read More]

Best Fiends : Review

Hi guys and gals i’m back with another anti festive surprise this time in the form of the puzzle adventure game, Best Fiends by Seriously Digital Entertainment. So what is it about i hear you say well the story is this, the little guys that live in Minutia   lived in peace and harmony, until the night the meteor smashed into Mount Boom! A strange force transformed the slimy Slugs who lived t...[Read More]

The walking dead road to survival: review

Hi guys im back with another app review, this time the not so festive walking dead: road to survival. As we have entered the festive month of December its hard not to notice that Christmas is just around the corner however if you are anything like me you’re a strong believer in the 12 days of Christmas not the 24 days of Christmas, which is why i have chosen this game, it’s about as fa...[Read More]

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