Totally app-dicted: the five most iconic mobile games of the last 20 years revealed

It’s official – we’re a nation that loves to play games on our mobile. Recent research suggests mobile gaming is big business – 47% of UK smartphone users use their device to play games, compared to just 40% who use it for online banking and 33% who use it to read the news. From the old days of giving ourselves finger strain from playing hours of Snake on our Nokia 3310s, to the recent...[Read More]

STOP THE VIRUS! Hothead Games Announces Infectious Zombie Mobile Shooter Game

Kill the zombies before the virus kills you — and all of humanity!   Hothead Games, the developer and publisher of top-grossing shooter games on mobile, announced today the upcoming release of the creepiest, most vivid zombie shooter game on mobile, Kill Shot Virus. The third installment of the company’s adrenaline-fueled Kill Shot franchise will be available for iOS and Android devices...[Read More]

Most Addictive PC Games

PC games are a recreation that can sometimes be taken to the extreme with players blaming the loss of their job, the failure of their marriage, or the wearing of the same underwear for four days straight on an addiction to a certain title. However, which PC games are the most addictive?   Football Manager 2016 The Football Manager series has been a permanent fixture on the shelves of PC gamin...[Read More]

60 Second App Review – VOVU

Price – Free Adds – Yes IAP – No Rating 6/10 Puzzle games can be very hit and miss on mobile. Striking the right balance between too simple and seemingly impossible is a hard thing to achieve. When I first opened Vovu my brain struggled to even get the game to play. Normaly puzzle games will walk you through the first couple of levels telling you the basic premise and how to navi...[Read More]

Droidhorizon’s Top 5 games of 2015

  Well guys it’s here 2016 and with so much to look forward to this year in mobile gaming we take a look at some of last year’s top and most memorable mobile games for both tablet and phone, so let’s start in reverse order and links are in the titles guys so check them out, trust me we got you covered.   Number 5. Monster Legends Monster Legends is a freemium game of br...[Read More]

Review: Miposaur by WowWee

We’ve got something a little different on the review floor this time, we’re taking a look at Miposaur. An electronic dinosaur toy that’s controlled via hand gestures, app or accompanying trackball. This is a top quality gadget suitable for kids and even bigger kids like us dads. WowWee have built a solid, fun and you could say highly interactive robot pet. I love it! The kids poi...[Read More]


Every now and then I get asked to review something out of the ordinary, well out the ordinary for me, and I make no secret that I love board games or tabletop games as they are more commonly known as now, so I was extremely happy when I got asked to take a look at a completely new game called “less” by invented4. In fact what I was told is ” it’s like chess but less” ...[Read More]

Fallout shelter review

  Fallout shelter review   Hello everybody, now I’m sure many of you gamers out there know its been a short while since this years e3 conference where fallout 4 was announced and shown off and a mobile game of the fallout saga obviously in the pipeline, and sure enough one was released onto iOS and about 2 months after for android (2 weeks ago), I have spent the past 2 weeks playin...[Read More]

Review: Angry Birds 2

    Review: Angry Birds 2   It goes without saying that the Angry Bird franchise is pretty much the most successful franchise to date and it was only a matter of time until the sequel to the most successful out of them all was going to happen , now the wait is over and they are here. But is it worth your precious memory ? And is it worthy of the Angry Birds name ?     The ...[Read More]

Alone – Game Review

 Alone – Game Review   ALONE is a handcrafted, intense survival journey through space. Navigate caves, rip through rocky debris, dodge rocks and comets and test your endurance as you pursue ever higher scores in this ultra fast, procedural runner. Laser Dog have released a cracker here! If you’re a fan of short and very very fast paced games, you’ll certainly enjoy this titl...[Read More]

New Poll – What’s your thoughts regarding IAP, paid or free?

 New Poll – What’s your thoughts regarding IAP, paid or free? In the news locally again… “Parents seek legal advice after daughter spent over 100 euros on their iPad.” Look at our main image too. That’s some real scary money to be throwing at a mobile game. The Tinfoil Hat Brigade reckon that the big developer studios actually leave options like this in games so...[Read More]

Space Smuggler – Indie Review

In this review we look at the indie game Space Smuggler by Pandula Péter. Pandula is currently at university studying Telecommunications and Information Technology and is making games as a hobby (makes me wish I was that good at my hobbies). Space Smuggler reminds me of old style Flash games more than the kind of games we have been spoilt with on Android nowadays, but please keep it in context in ...[Read More]

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