Intempo Engage 3D Virtual Reality Headset Review

Intempo Engage 3D Virtual Reality Headset Review Mobile VR is becoming a big thing with Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream. This means that smaller cheaper alternatives are coming out, bring VR to the masses. One such company is Intempo, who have released their Engage VR headset. At under £15, this is definitely a great way to introduce people to VR. Taking the headset out of the box, I  was gree...[Read More]

Intempo Tailgate Speaker Review

Intempo Tailgate Speaker Review It’s almost summer! Time for BBQ’s, late night drinking outdoors and drinking before 11am. You’re gonna want some tunes with that, and Intempo have come up with a novel idea for outdoor listening. The Tailgate speaker from Intempo is a portable speaker, and I mean portable, with its wheels and extendable handle you can pull it along to wherever it’...[Read More]

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