Razer Ornata Chroma and BlackWidow X Chroma Keyboard Review

Razer Ornata Chroma and BlackWidow X Chroma Keyboard Review I love a mechanical keyboard, so when Razer offered to send me two to compare, I jumped at the chance. The Ornata Chroma is a membrane keyboard which comes in at under £100, while the BlackWidow X Chrome comes in at just under £150. Razer Ornata Chroma Keyboard I was really interested in the mecha-membrane technology they used on this key...[Read More]

Review: Esynic Mini Wireless Keyboard and Trackpad

I’m a big fan of those Android TV boxes that connect to your TV allowing you to run apps and stream all kinds of media. However they usually come with a terrible button remote which makes using them really frustrating. It takes ages to cursor around making selections, and they’re a nightmare when it comes to typing. I’d been using an air mouse which is much better as it lets you point at the scree...[Read More]

Review: 1byone Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keypad

Mechanical keyboards use separate switches underneath each key, requiring a certain amount of pressure and giving a relatively loud click when activated. While they are relatively expensive compared to ordinary dome-switch keyboards, some gamers swear by their responsiveness and durability. If you think about it, whenever you’re playing a game you have one hand on your mouse and only actually use ...[Read More]

SteelSeries Apex M500 Keyboard Review

SteelSeries Apex M500 Keyboard Review I have come to conclusion, that man can’t live on one keyboard alone. The one used for gaming, may not be the same used for working. This has made me pick up the M500 as a purely dedicated gaming keyboard. I have become used to my work keyboard, and I work fast when using it. But it’s not the best for gaming, hence the decision to use two instead o...[Read More]

60 Second App Review – Keyboard for Excel

Price – Free Adds – No IAP – No Rating 8/10 One of my personal wants on Android for a long time has been a keyboard design for using with spreadsheet apps. In my work life I have spreadsheets for a ton of things, and often walk about with my tablet inputting data. I want to enter data quickly without having to manually select the cell adjasent to the one I am on. Keyboard for Exc...[Read More]

Review: Plugable’s full size Bluetooth keyboard

So for the last two weeks, I’ve been using another of Plugable’s folding Bluetooth keyboards. Some three or so weeks back, I reviewed their smaller keyboard (found here: The tl;dr for that was good quality, but a bit on the cramped side, and thus required learning some new muscle memory. What I’ve been usi...[Read More]

Review: Plugable Bluetooth Folding Keyboard and Case

For the last few days, I have been using the Plugable Bluetooth Folding Keyboard and Case. I’ve use a few of these in the past year, so I’ve had some experience with them, and was delighted at the opportunity to try out another one. Here’s how my experience has gone, so far. I want to say at the outset that this keyboard has a lot going for it. The design of this keyboard is pret...[Read More]

Review: Washable Waterproof Keyboard from Xenta

Review: Washable Waterproof Keyboard from Xenta There are those of us who like to keep eat at our desk, this means food and “waste” gets in and around your keyboard. This is a common problem, and solved by either banging the keyboard upside down, or removing each key one by one. Xenta have come up with a great little idea, with a waterproof washable keyboard. For under £20, its a nice ...[Read More]

Review: The Cherry MX Board 6.0

Review: The Cherry MX Board 6.0 A mechanical keyboard, what’s this the 90’s! But actually you’d be wrong, mechanical keyboards are the future, and I am looking at one from the source. The MX Board 6.0 from Cherry is the latest in the line of MX boards. This is the combination of MX technology and CHERRY RealKey technology, all within a sexy aluminum keyboard. This was my first ex...[Read More]

Review: Logitech K400 Plus Keyboard

Review: Logitech K400 Plus Keyboard In our touchscreen world, you’d be surprised anyone actually used keyboards anymore. But they are more popular today then they ever were. In the world of media streamers and smart TV’s, people are wanting a way to navigate and enter text on their tv and a traditional mouse and keyboard just won’t cut it. Media streamer and Smart TVs are becomin...[Read More]

Review: iClever IC-BK03 Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

While road warrior writers have traditionally carried a notebook or laptop, if you’re already carrying a tablet (or even phone) then adding a Bluetooth keyboard may be enough for your needs. If it’s really portability you’re looking for then how about a keyboard you can fold up and stick in your pocket?   Build Quality & Design The IC-BK03 has been constructed with an ai...[Read More]

Sponsored: 1byone Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

Sponsored: 1byone Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard   We’ve teamed up with to showcase some of their products to our readers. This particular accessory seems very well reviewed on Amazon and works with different Operating Systems. The 1byone wireless bluetooth keyboard comes in three different versions. Black, Length Touchpad & Wide Touchpad. Built-in large touchpad with intuit...[Read More]

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