Light Side or Dark Side? eBay Reveals the Star Wars Characters Most Likely to be Joining You This Christmas

In light of the launch of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, has revealed the most sought after Star Wars fancy dress costumes this festive season. The Force may be with you this Christmas, but will your loved ones be using it for good or for evil?   With almost half of parents (42%) surveyed by the online marketplace planning to gift fancy dress costumes to their little ones this year, eBa...[Read More]

Review: AILIHEN HD850 Kids Volume Limiting Headphones

Today we’re going to discuss headphones for your kid. So you’re sitting in the living room streaming your favorite movie, and your kid snuggled up next to you on the couch watching his/her favorite show on their tablet. For some odd reason, that little tablet is just too loud, so you turn up the TV volume, then your stubborn littles, decide to turn up the volume on the tablet playing t...[Read More]

Review: EasySMX Kids Volume Limited Headphones

If your kid’s gadgets are too noisy then getting them their own headphones is a great solution. However as soon as your back is turned, you know they’ll have the volume cranked to 11 and doing their little eardrums no end of damage. These wired on-ear headphones from EasySMX are especially designed for kids between 3 and 12 years old. Available in pink or blue/yellow versions, they’re a little sma...[Read More]

Kickstarter: Lairytales: A wickedly wonderful way to learn

Kickstarter: Lairytales: A wickedly wonderful way to learn This is a great idea, to help children read and become more social. I really want everyone to have a read of this Kickstarter and pledge some money to help it come to fruition. So I’ll leave you with Ali, Kieron and Dan, and their idea to help children read and learn. The Lairies and Lairytales Lairytales are app and book-based stori...[Read More]

Bean&Gone seeks crowdfunding for app that encourages parents to share screen time with their children.

Two Dads from the UK are developing a series of digital adventure stories for 3-7 year olds, with the aim of encouraging parents to spend time with their children and share the experience together. Designer Dan Clemo and Digital Developer Jason Veal have been working on the Bean&Gone™ stories and adventures for over two years and launch a campaign on global crowdfunding site Kickstarter on the...[Read More]

Gus on the Go (Spanish) Review

  Gus on the Go   Although learning a new language is difficult for my aging brain, young kids have a special aptitude for it.  Instead of numbing their brains with mindless games, Gus on the Go aims to help kids learn a selection of almost 90 useful words in a selection of languages.  They say you shouldn’t teach a child a second language until they are 5 years old as you might co...[Read More]

Review: Toca Hair Salon 2

Despite the rumours about the DroidHorizon team, none of us are qualified hairdressers.  However some of us do have kids, so it may not be too late for the next generation to pick up the curling tongs and make us proud. TOCA Hair Salon 2 is an iOS port to Android aimed at kids.  You can choose one of six victims customers to operate on, after which they will take a seat in front of you.  Now the f...[Read More]

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