Lightwave Home Automation Review

Lightwave Home Automation Review Lightwave specialize in home automation. Their products aren’t based on the “If this happens do this”, but more on the ability to fully control your home from a mobile device. The products offered by Lightwave fall into 3 main categories: Lighting Power Heating All of these elements are controlled through the brains of the operation the Lightwave Link Plus. The Lin...[Read More]

Review: WiZ Smart Lighting Solutions

The Internet of Things is all the rage at the moment as more and more gadgets are connecting to our home WiFi network, allowing them to offer “smart” features such as remote / voice control and automation. WiZ offer a range of high-tech LED lighting solutions and we got the chance to evaluate three of their main products – their Hero and Quest lamps and Colors smart bulbs. Instal...[Read More]

Review :Freetoo lighting

  These days of recession people look for cheaper alternatives for various solutions, weather it be draft exclusion or internet TV streaming. Freetoo are a cheap solution to cabinet lighting, they illuminate those darkest of corners in your kitchen cupboard or brighten up your liquor collection in your liquor cabinet and I have been testing not one but two of their products in this very categ...[Read More]

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