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Review: Romoss Upower 10000mAh Power Bank

Most of the power banks we review at DroidHorizon need recharged from a separate USB wall charger, but this Upower model is more travel-friendly as it includes an integrated AC plug. With distinctive styling similar to one of those impact resistant suitcases, it comes with a “passport” instruction leaflet and “boarding pass” warranty card. You also get a short Micro USB cable and a UK wall adapter...[Read More]

Review: EasyAcc 13000mAh Power Bank

I like the reassurance of carrying a good power bank with me when travelling, and this model from our friends at EasyAcc combines a very respectable capacity with some handy features that make it a worthy choice for my backpack. It comes with an instruction booklet and not one, but two Micro USB cables. Not only can you use these to simultaneously charge two of your gadgets from its dual USB outpu...[Read More]

Review: EC Technology 5200mAh Power Bank

This handy little 5200mAh power bank comes packaged in a cardboard box along with an instruction leaflet, drawstring carry pouch and a short Micro USB cable. It’s both light and portable – coming in at under 4” long. I’m not sure how necessary the carry pouch is since it has a rubberised shell that seems like it will handle a few knocks and bumps. The ports also seem well made and I’d expect...[Read More]

If you have several mobile handsets that need charging at night, check out this review

For the last few weeks, I have been using a power strip for charging my devices. It’s not your typical power strip, with a single, long row of outlets to plug in to, but is both shaped differently, as well as functions a bit differently. For starters, its shape is a square-ish. It’s off white and gray in color, with a matching switch on one side for operating the breaker. Lastly, there...[Read More]

Review: Power Bank Essential 12000 from Xtorm

Review: Power Bank Essential 12000 from Xtorm With more phones taking on the USB-C standard, Xtorm have come out with their 12,000mAh power bank. containing two USB out ports and one USB-C “in” ports, you can use the included USB-C cable to charge the power bank, and then use it on your new Nexus phone or OnePlus. This is a smooth looking power bank from Xtorm, literally. Both sides of...[Read More]

Review: Waterproof Power Bank Xtreme 9000 & Qi Wireless Charging Station from xtorm

Review: Waterproof Power Bank Xtreme 9000 & Qi Wireless Charging Station from xtorm Xtorm have always made great charging based products, be they external batteries, solar chargers or Qi pads. Today I received a mystery box from them and found inside a waterproof power bank called the Xtreme 9000 and a Qi Wireless Charging Station. As with all Xtorm products they both looked good, and I though...[Read More]

TYLT S4 Energi Sliding Power Case Review

The TYLT Energi Sliding Power Case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a case with built-in 2350mAh battery which can significantly extend your overall battery life. On opening the Energi packaging you are presented with a standard micro-USB cable and not one case, but three. There’s a choice of two slim-line plastic cases (one coloured and one black) which have a slit along either side so they can...[Read More]

Huntress Power Bank Review

The Huntress (and Hunter the higher capacity black version) is a premium quality power bank in the shape of a leather bound hip-flask. It features two standard USB ports for output , a micro USB for input and twin LED lights so that it can be used like a flash-light. Build Quality & Design As soon as you remove the Huntress from it’s packaging you realise that this isn’t just your ...[Read More]

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