MOLT MSTICK LED Light Stick Review

MOLT MSTICK LED Light Stick Review Mstick is a LED light stick by a company called MOLT. It’s controlled via an app for Android or Apple but works adequately just by itself. There is a long list of modes available to play with, such as a mood lamp, bike light, air display, sound visualizer, and alarm. It’s designed to work indoors and outdoors and using the inbuilt 3 axis sensor, the l...[Read More]

Review: Hidester VPN

Accessing the internet through a VPN service has a number of advantages including protecting your privacy and letting you access location restricted content. Hidester VPN is a relatively new Hong Kong based service which I’ve had the opportunity to evaluate over the past few weeks. Software Once you’ve signed up for your account you’ll need to install the Hidester VPN app on your...[Read More]

It’s American Press Review

I’m a little obsessed with coffee. Most mornings start with a flat white from an amazing local coffee bar, but at home I’ve always just settled for instant. Sure, the French press has been tried – a few times – but the coffee just isn’t that good and I wind up abandoning the experiment. You know exactly what I mean too; that sediment-y, sludgy taste that is bitter in all the wron...[Read More]

Review: Linner NC50 ANC Bluetooth Neckband Earphones

This Bluetooth headset is worn behind the neck like a necklace with the in-ear earpieces wired to two plastic nodes at either side of it. It’s IPX4 sweatproof and includes an active noise cancellation (ANC) feature which filters out low frequency background noise. The flat flexible band goes around the back of the neck and is coated in a nice rubberised material. The module that sits to your...[Read More]

Elecjet AnyWatt MagSafe to USB C Power Delivery Adapter Review

Elecjet AnyWatt MagSafe to USB C Power Delivery Adapter Review The AnyWatt is a dongle, designed to bring back the functionality of MagSafe and allows older users to recycle their old MagSafe adapters. There isn’t much to say about looks for the AnyWatt, it’s a small black box with a cable on the end. It’s got a metal feel to it, and it feels sturdy as well. On testing I found it...[Read More]

QacQoc USB Type-C Hub Review

QacQoc USB Type-C Hub Review The QacQoc Type-C Hub is here to get rid of any port evny Mac users have. This clean, contemporary hub from QacQoc offers ports a plenty and slots for additional storage all through one USB-C port. This thing weighs just under 60g and that makes it super easy to just grab and throwin your bag. The colour options are cool, as they allow you to match the hub to your Mac ...[Read More]

Razer Basilisk mouse and BlackWidow V2 TE Review

Razer Basilisk mouse and BlackWidow V2 TE Review Gaming in 2018 is now made a lot easier with the Razer Basilisk mouse and BlackWidow V2 TE keyboard. Razer were nice enough to send me down both to review, so decided to check them out together. Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma V2 Following on from the awesome finger experience of the Chroma, Razer have released the Chroma V2 Tournament Ed...[Read More]

Screenstick Precision Joystick for your Tablet and Smartphone Review

Screenstick Precision Joystick for your Tablet and Smartphone Review I tend to game a lot on my mobile, and a lot of times I have to be looking for the controls each time. This makes action packed games difficult to play, especially if there is a lot of movement. The ScreenStick is a small portable joystick you can carry with you, that attaches to the screen of your phone/tablet. This makes it a l...[Read More]

PULSE III Solo Review

PULSE III Solo Review NSFW Warning: This story may contain links to and descriptions or images of explicit sexual acts. This is a first for me, and it seems the world, as I have never used or seen a Guybrator. The Pulse III is the 3rd iteration of the Pulse model, which includes additions like new charge system, and a more powerful secondary motor. The PULSE III is made from 100% silicone, feature...[Read More]

Review: Aukey PA-T11 60W 6-Port USB Charging Station

The PA-T11 is the perfect USB wall charger for power users or families that need to charge lots of different devices. The main unit consists of a slim black box with 6 USB sockets on the end – two of which are Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 compatible. On the other end you get a universal 2-pin “figure 8” AC power socket which connects to the wall via the included cable (as commonly used by many ...[Read More]

RHA MA750 Wireless Headphones Review

RHA MA750 Wireless Headphones Review My main issues with any set of bluetooth headphones are fit, battery and performace. Due to the battery location the fit seems to always be a bit more dofficult to get right, the battery itself is normally 6 or less hours, and the performace is poor due to any obstruction. The RHA MA750 earphones go against the grain on this, and provide a high performce, high ...[Read More]

Booq Daypack Review

Booq Daypack Review Booq isn’t a company I have had a lot of experince with, but I am in love withe their latest offering the Booq Daypack. This backpack is perfect for a commuter with space for a laptop and other tech, a nice selection of pockets, and a pretty nifty safety feature. I was impressed by the initial look of the Booq Daypack, I had been sent the clay canvas colour, and it looked cool ...[Read More]

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