Review: iClever BoostCube Dual USB Wall Charger (UK)

This compact wall charger extends straight out from a UK wall socket by a couple of inches, and has Dual USB output ports on the end. The adapter is well made with quality connectors and a lot less bulky than a lot of similar chargers on the market. It also has a blue LED indicator at the front to let you know when it’s powered up. Each USB port is capable of 5V 2.4A output, but there’s no support...[Read More]

GameSir T1s Bluetooth Controller Review

GameSir T1s Bluetooth Controller Review I do love gaming on my mobile. Games keep getting better and better, and I am seeing titles being released which make me want to buy straight away. Some of these games would play a lot better with a controller, and this is how I discovered the GameSir T1s. Taking design ideas for the PS4 controller, the T1s is a perfect controller for mobile gaming. This is ...[Read More]

Kitchenaid Artisan Power Plus Blender Review

Kitchenaid Artisan Power Plus Blender Review Advertised as the “most powerful blender available”, I was expecting a lot from the Artisan Power Plus Blender from Kitchenaid, and I after a month of use I am hooked! Looking like something out of Tony Starks living room this blender is made up of a, hot red metal base, and a dual walled jug. Packing a 3.5 HP motor, and 3mm-thick blades, th...[Read More]

Review: iFrogz Coda Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

iFrogz have added a new pair of stylish looking Bluetooth over-ear headphones to their range with an affordable £29.99 SRP price tag. Their Coda Wireless headphones come nicely packaged with a quick start guide and both Micro USB charging and 3.5mm audio cables. Available in a choice of colours, the version I received is finished in a black soft-touch plastic with their logo on a distinctive shiny...[Read More]

Cornerstone Shaving Set Review

Cornerstone Shaving Set Review Cornerstone is a shaving brand I have seen advertised around the web, and thought I wanted to see exactly what these guys could offer. They advertise as a Shave Club offering a subscription and delivery service, but also offer gift sets. I got the gift set to review which included an engraved metal razer, spare heads and scrub, gel and balm for after. As I said this ...[Read More]

D-Link Home – Smart Home HD Starter Kit Review

D-Link Home – Smart Home HD Starter Kit Review D-Link were good enough to send over their Smart Home HD Starter kit to the Droid Horizon offices. This starter kit includes a Motion Sensor, Smart Plug and a HD camera. These can all be accessed on the D-Link website, or the poorly rated D-Link Home Android app. The unboxing experience was pretty straight forward, each device had its own compartment ...[Read More]

Finn Access Wallet Review

Finn Access Wallet Review I am a big fan of leather, and there is nothing that can compare to the smell of it. So when I found sell wallets, I had to get one in to try. This thing screams premium handcrafting and is one of the best wallets I have used. Elegant is the word that comes to my mind when I use this wallet over the last month. The wax canvas with full-grain leather used in its...[Read More]

Cure & Simple Bacon Review

Cure & Simple Bacon Review This is it folks! The future is now! Bacon through the post! Cure and Simple uses pigs that are born, reared and grow up outside, combined with herbs and spices which enhance the bacon and don’t overpower it. They offer a week, fortnight and monthly package which delivers your choice of flavoured bacon to your door.   The website is fanta...[Read More]

Review: Snakehive Rosewood Back Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Wood isn’t the first material I think of when it comes to technology, but if you’re looking to give your phone a distinctive look and feel then it’s well worth checking out what UK company Snakehive have to offer. Although they have a wide range of cases for loads of different phone models, it was their wooden – and specifically their Rosewood Back case for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge that ca...[Read More]

OpTic Stealth SCUF Infinity PS4 Controller Review

OpTic Stealth SCUF Infinity PS4 Controller Review I am not a big gamer, I like to play off and on, but never really online or in any competition. But I was unaware that modded controllers have become more common, and as such means more companies are coming out to meet the demand. SCUF are a massive name in ESports and I was ecstatic when they offered to send me their OpTic Stealth controller. Like...[Read More]

Review: iFrogz InTone Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

InTone are apparently iFrogz’s best selling pair of wired earphones, so for those who prefer to go wireless they now have a new version that replaces the 3.5mm audio jack with a small clip-on Bluetooth receiver. Inside the cardboard box you get the headset, a quick start guide and a Micro USB charging cable. While earphones that go right inside the ear canal are very popular, these earpieces sit o...[Read More]

Xtorm XB201 POWER BANK EXPLORE 10000mAh Review

Xtorm XB201 POWER BANK EXPLORE 10000mAh Review Xtorm for me are a big name in battery innovation, they have systematically released product hit after product hit, and I was more then happy to look at their latest product. The Xtorm Power Bank Wireless 10000, is an 10000mAh battery in a small form factor and an included Micro-USB cable built into the battery. This completely removes the need to hav...[Read More]

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