Review: RhinoShield CrashGuard OnePlus 6 Bumper Case

RhinoShield are one of a handful of case manufacturers to embrace the OnePlus 6, and over the past couple of weeks I’ve reviewed their SolidSuit cases and Screen / Back Protectors. To round off the trilogy we have their final OnePlus 6 protection option – the CrashGuard bumper case. This has been designed to give the same great side protection as their SolidSuit cases for those who pre...[Read More]

Review: RhinoShield Screen and Back Protectors for the OnePlus 6

The use of glass on the front and back of the OnePlus 6 gives it that premium feel while enabling strong wireless reception. While the Gorilla Glass 5 stands up well to daily wear and tear, if you’re looking for additional drop protection and want to keep it pristine then you’ll want to add a good screen protector. As well as a tempered glass screen protector, RhinoShield now offer spe...[Read More]

Langogo Pocket Translator and Wi-Fi Hotspot Review

Langogo Pocket Translator and Wi-Fi Hotspot Review Designed to handle life on the go, Langogo is your smart travel buddy for global travelling. Powered by AI, it is: ✓ Your language pass to 60 spoken languages ✓ Your 24-hour AI voice travel buddy ✓ Your global Wi-Fi hotspot in 72 countries Anywhere, anytime, travel and connect with Langogo. Made for global travellers, Langogo accurately translates...[Read More]

Review: RhinoShield SolidSuit OnePlus 6 Case

The selection of cases available for OnePlus phones is a lot more limited compared to the likes of Samsung and Apple. The silver lining is that this has pushed us to reach out to some case manufacturers we haven’t reviewed products for before – one of which is RhinoShield, a company that originated from a Kickstarter raised by a number of students from the University of Cambridge in Ap...[Read More]

Joule Sous Vide Review

Joule Sous Vide Review I am very new to the world of sous vide cooking, which involves placing food into a sealed bag, and cooking in a hot water bath. But products such as Joule’s sous vide machine makes the whole process so easy. This is the perfect combination of sleek hardware and intuitive software. The app connects easily and uses step by step video guides, to run through cooking. I lo...[Read More]

Blast poker – a review

  In 2003 an accountant and amateur poker player changed the landscape of the card game when he pulled off the greatest bluff of all time against experienced card-shark Sammy Farha in the World Series of Poker. Whilst it was a life-changing moment for Moneymaker, it also marked a turning point for the game of poker. Up until that point, the card game had been pretty popular, but nowhere near ...[Read More]

EBox R99 V2 Smart Android TV box Review

EBox R99 V2 Smart Android TV box Review The R99 V2 comes from Entertainment Box, a company who I haven’t heard much about. I do have to say after using this box for a couple of months, its my current daily driver and favourite box to date. Specs: Chipset RK3328 Quad-Core 64bit Cortex-A53 GPU Penta-Core Mali-450 Up to 750Mhz+ FLASH EMMC 64GB SDRAM 4GB DDR3 Power Supply Specifications Power Supply D...[Read More]

Review: BlitzWolf BTS1 In-Ear Bluetooth Earphones

BlitzWolf’s BTS1 sports style Bluetooth earphones come packaged inside a nice zipped carry case with an instruction leaflet, Micro USB charging cable, plus a selection of silicone ear-tips and hooks to ensure you get a good fit. Two barrel-shaped earpieces are connected by a thin wire that has an embedded 3-button in-line remote. On the side this remote also has the charging port hidden behi...[Read More]

Vype ePen 3 review

Vype ePen 3 review The ePen 3 from Vype provides a genuine alternative to adults that smoke and vape, who are looking for a smoother and more satisfying experience. The ePen 3 has a 650mAh battery which helps it deliver an intense flavour. The design of ePen 3 was really well planned out. It’s stylish, compact and has a soft touch metallic finish. Which makes it fit really well in the hand. ...[Read More]

Shark DuoClean Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

Shark DuoClean  Review The DuoClean Cordless Vacuum from Shark seems to be the answer to my prayers. Looking for a light cordless vacuum that can pick up anything off my floor. The Shark DuoClean needs some assembly before running it around the house. No tools are required, but it did take me around 10 mins to put all together. the instructions are clear, and even a novice will be able to put this...[Read More]

Review: BlitzWolf USB Type C Sync & Quick Charge Cables

Looking for a sturdy, high quality charge & sync USB Type C cable to replace (or accompany) the one that came with your phone? We’re happy to have had the opportunity to check out a selection of cables available from charging accessory specialists BlitzWolf. If you follow this BlitzWolf website link, you’ll see they had a good selection of PVC and braided polyester coated USB-C cab...[Read More]

OTTY Pillow Review

OTTY Pillow Review When thinking about the best nights sleep, the pillow has to be as much of a priority as when choosing a mattress when we go to sleep. So it is always good to test out and find a great pillow which suits how you sleep. This was how I came to the Otty pillow and I am still using it. The OTTY pillow uses the same technology they use in their mattresses. For support and comfort, th...[Read More]

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