The evolution of sports betting in cryptocurrencies

  One of the fastest growing leisure pursuits is responsible gambling and thanks to the internet, smartphones and the latest cutting-edge apps; it is growing more popular by the minute – especially sports gaming. Current software technology has contributed to the rapid growth of gambling on sporting events; particularly concerning live gambling. More and more gaming houses are offering ...[Read More]

Review: Braven Flye Sport In-Ear Bluetooth Earphones

Our previous reviews of Braven’s Bluetooth speakers have been very positive, so we were happy to be able to check out their latest Bluetooth sports earbuds to see how they stack up. Packaging is on point, with one of those boxes that open with a magnetic flap to give you a glimpse of the actual product before committing to the actual unboxing. Along with the headset you get a small zipped carry po...[Read More]

Should eSports Be Considered Real Sports?

When it comes to treating eSports games as real sports, things tend to get a little bit tricky. Some think that they should be seen as such, while others believe that they’re just gaming on a larger scale. In this article, we will discuss both perspectives.       eSports Games as Sports To get into eSports, you need to train yourself. Gaming is fun and relaxing when you just experie...[Read More]

How sports betting has evolved with technology

Sports betting is the oldest known form of gambling on the planet. In the early days, it was was a simple pastime activity, now it’s a multi-billion dollar business.   The first recorded betting events ever to be held in history were in the time of the Greek city states more than two thousand years ago. The Greeks were known as true sports lovers, and events like the Olympic, Corinthian...[Read More]

Review: XTZ Earphone Sports

The majority of earphones coming out today are just standard earphones, sure they may have a different look and feel, but they are still earphones. However, some audio companies such as XTZ have recently been creating music player apps that are tuned specifically for their particular brand of ear wear. I got my first glimpse of XTZ when I reviewed their Divine Headphones. So I was excited to have ...[Read More]

Review: Groov-e Motion

    Review: Groov-e Motion GVBT300BK   We’re back with another headphone review for our readers, this time we’d like to share our opinion on the Groov-e Motion (GVBT300BK.) Marketed at the sports or fitness consumer. The Groov-e Motion offer a sweat proof finish so you can wear these at the gym or out running. Queue up your favourite workout tracks on Spotify and hit the...[Read More]

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