Review: BlitzWolf BW-BS7 Camera / Smartphone Mini Octopus Tripod

While most people enjoy taking a few snaps these days, those who take their photography more seriously often consider it essential to carry a tripod. These are not only useful when you want to be included in a photo, but are great for stable video or long exposure photography like night shots. However carrying a full sized tripod can be awkward and will certainly weigh you down – especially ...[Read More]

Review: Moreslan 1.5M Monopod / Tripod

More than just your regular selfie stick, this highly portable monopod can also be used like a tripod by attaching it to a three-legged stand. Inside the cardboard box a drawstring carry pouch contains the stick, instructions, tripod stand, smartphone / table holder and clip-on Bluetooth remote. At about 1.25ft long, the monopod extends out telescopically to almost 5ft long. It has been made from ...[Read More]

Review: Shoulderpod S1

For me 2015 has been the year we’ve really seen a major leap forward in Android smartphone cameras. The performance of many high-end handset shooters is finally good enough that most people won’t feel the need to carry a separate camera. Have said that, the smartphone experience still lacks some of the finesse of a dedicated camera. Tripod use is out the window and one-handed point-and-shoot can b...[Read More]

Review: Xsories Bendy

In our latest Lifestyle accessory review, we’re taking a look at the Xsories Bendy. A tripod / holder product that can be used with multiple add-ons, although, marketed towards Action Cameras like the Go Pro and what we recently reviewed ourselves, The Drift Stealth 2 Action Cam. Constructed with aluminium inside with a rubber finish, the Xsories Bendy is somewhat stiff to use at first but t...[Read More]

Review: Tripod miniPro

Review: Tripod miniPro I rarely use tripods when taking photos, or recording videos. But when iBolt sent me their Tripod miniPro, I was amazed at how easy it was to use, and that it’s small enough that it would be easy to keep with me at all times. The Tripod also came with a bluetooth “selfie” button, which I could attach to my keys, and use to remotely take a photo or start/sto...[Read More]