Review: AILIHEN HD850 Kids Volume Limiting Headphones

Today we’re going to discuss headphones for your kid. So you’re sitting in the living room streaming your favorite movie, and your kid snuggled up next to you on the couch watching his/her favorite show on their tablet. For some odd reason, that little tablet is just too loud, so you turn up the TV volume, then your stubborn littles, decide to turn up the volume on the tablet playing t...[Read More]

Worldwide Smartphone Market Volume to Reach 1.53 Billion in 2016

The Worldwide Smartphone Market Forecast, 2016-2020 report finds that global mobile phone market volume is anticipated to witness 1.4% year-on-year growth in 2016 and reach 1.97 billion units, 1.53 billion of which will be smartphones.   The market has dropped to single digits, representing a plateau period. This further proven by the fact that global smartphone market volume is predicted to ...[Read More]

$1000 of gift packs to giveaway

$1000 of gift packs to giveaway   We’ve teamed up with VolumeBest to offer a giveaway via their Facebook Page.   We are giving away TEN massive VolumeBest Gift Packs specially prepared for industry professionals such as yourself. Each contains BIGGEST SELLING items from VolumeBest.com! Tried and tested, your customers will love them and we’re confident you will enjoy them too...[Read More]

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