WeTek Gamepad Review

WeTek Gamepad Review WeTek is a big name in the Android TV box marketplace, especially with their 4K Netflix capability. We are looking at their gaming controller, the WeTek Gamepad. It works with both Windows and Android. The WeTek Gamepad has some solid build quality. Hard plastic makes the whole thing incredibly sturdy and light. It also follows the XBOX 360 controller layout, which is good. I&...[Read More]

WeTek Play2 Review

WeTek Play2 Review WeTek were happy to send over their Play2 for us to review. This is slightly different than an average Android TV box, as it has aerial inputs. This allows me to watch terrestrial TV on my Android box, with functions like play/pause live TV and recording shows. All this and it offers an awesome UI and a good solid build quality. As this was untested waters for me, I decided to s...[Read More]

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